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Walk It Out 07-03-2012 10:24 PM

Bit help.
Hey everyone, i own a 11 year old tennessee walking horse mare. And im going to be moving stables soon, and i have to get my own tack. I have nooooo idea on what bit to get :/ I think my trainer uses a bit on my mare with 2 chain/twisted looking pieces in the middle, on a curb shank. Could someone list some good bits that are kinda easy on the mouth, but are good for control and leverage? She's a bit high spirited when first ridden, lol. I'll also have to use a curb chain on her probably. Please give me some info on good bits, i need it badly!

arrowsaway 07-03-2012 10:58 PM

ahhh! ditch the twisted wire like a bad boyfriend! no horse should have it in their mouth. yikes.

I ride Smoke in a 5" shank, low-port walking horse bit. This is a very similar product: Google Image Result for

It's lightweight and allows for leverage and collection without being harsh. I bought my bit with interchangeable mouthpieces, in case he liked one better than the other. It also came with a snaffle mouth-piece, but he seems to like the low-port better. It may be trial and error until you find which bit your mare likes.

Keep in mind this is what I trail ride in. You may want something different for show. Overall, I feel he is comfortable in it and responds to it well.

OH, and also. If you're using these kind of bits, you most definitely will need a curb chain.

Walk It Out 07-04-2012 05:43 AM

I didnt think it was very comfortable looking D: I like that bit, it doesnt look painful, or harsh. Im just wondering if it will give me enough control, she's high strung when she's first ridden, lol.

arrowsaway 07-04-2012 11:03 AM

Well, I firmly believe that control comes in the respect the horse has for the rider, not from the bit. What I would suggest is that if you feel her getting dancy, is to do some figure eights, maneuver her around obstacles, keep her body moving and her mind working. Have you tried lunging her for a few minutes before getting on? That might help too.
A lot of walkers have "go" when you first get on them... As long as you remind her, "hey! I'm up here! Time to listen!" and get her moving, I see no reason why that bit wouldn't work.

Black Beauty 94 07-04-2012 06:40 PM

I would just say a plain snaffle or a french link snaffle, they are both very comfortable and I ride my Walker in both.

walkinthewalk 07-10-2012 01:49 PM

I hope by the time you read this that miserable twisted wire bit is at the local dump. That is typical training material in some barns:-x

Two of my TWH's wear low port curb bits with swivel shanks.

The third wears a mechanical hackamore. He had an aversion to bits when I bought him as a 2+ yr old. I even tried a 3 ounce sweet bit to no avail.

I made his young self a deal that he could wear the hackamore until the day came he tried to run away with me. We've done a lot of hard trail riding in 16-1/2 years, including river swimming; he's never tried to run away.

Point-being, wear what the horse is happy and controllable with:-)

clippityclop 07-16-2012 10:27 PM

I tried a bunch of different things from dogbone mouth pieces, snaffles, all kinds of walkinghorse bits and then realized my horse like solid mouth pieces (mullen mouths) with a very low port in the center for tongue relief. It's just his thing! My other walker works GREAT in a dogbone snaffle with 6 inch shanks and sometimes just a kimberwicke (altho I get a better walk out of him with a shanked bit).

I'd say buddy up with someone who has a bunch of stuff to try, and just try everything. Start with the least amount of hardware that you can, and then work on up until you find something that works for both of you. Too bad you don't live near me - I have a whole bucket of stuff - it's because I can't throw anything out!

But I agree about the double-wire mouthpiece - there are nicer mouthpieces that would work just as good, if not better.........:wink:

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