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Endiku 07-04-2012 04:23 PM

Happy Independance Day!

What are you guys planning to do (or have you done, if you live where its already evening!) today? :)

Our therapy farm brought our Quarter Pony, five therapy ponies, a goat, a potbellied pig, some ducks, chickens, and rabbits, and our dwarf miniature Little Feather out to a local church for a big Independance Day bash, and we had a blast! I forgot my camera (:oops:) sadly, but it was a great day! Lots of sno cones and watermellon for everyone (Including the animals!), beaded necklaces, ribbons, and flags. I wish you guys could of seen us trying to load Pickles the Potbelly to go out there though! She rode in our van that has a mechanical wheelchair lift, and she was NOT keen on the idea of getting on it. After a lot of squealing like she was going to die and five people pushing her though, someone said the magic word 'doughnut' and she hopped right in like a pro! :rofl: The fire fighters who came out to blast all of the kids almost got a new mascot as well...our ducks decided to 'run away' and join the puddle party over by their truck when it got too hot! ;)

Hope you guys are having as good of a day as I am, and don't forget the freedome that we're all celebrating!

Country Woman 07-04-2012 04:27 PM

Happy 4th to all my American friends

Ace80908 07-04-2012 04:42 PM

A few weeks ago I had put a deposit down on an AKC English Mastiff male pup due sometime last week - and he was born today!!

We love our female mastiff, and we are very excited for Rosie to have a new buddy - our cocker spaniel is almost 15 years old, and this will be her last summer - she is having lots of seizures now, and is wheezing badly. Rosie needs a new playmate, and we love the mastiffs and decided to get another. Our boy's parents are both over 200 pounds so he is going to be a big, big boy.

Was going to name him Riddick or Tug, but now thinking of possible 4th of July names... right now Hubby is getting ready to barbque some steaks and Kellie and I had a good ride this morning - so a really great day!

Hope everyone else's fourth is great as well :)

Endiku 07-04-2012 04:47 PM

Thats fantastic, Ace! One of my friends has a female Mastiff named Kate. She's on the smaller side at only 145 pounds, but she's such a lover! You MUST post pictures when you get some.

So sorry to hear about your spaniel though :( Its hard when they get old.

Ace80908 07-04-2012 05:08 PM

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Thanks, Endiku!

Here is Rosie, she is happiest in the house, laying on the couch, floor, or on your feet. She is also a pretty small mastiff - she's about 130 at 2 years old -but our vet strongly recommends keeping them lighter until they mature - she should top out at 150.

Our cocker, Spring, is a great old dog. We got her from the pound about 12 years ago as a mature dog, so we are guessing her age. I had made the appointment to have her put down last month, but she rallied and is hanging in there - winters have been hard on her for the last several years though, so we are just trying to give her one last good summer.

Having a new pup will ease the sting of her passing - my 6 year old asked if God lets old dogs die so there is room on the planet for puppies, "even if they are really sweet old dogs?" . I told her that's exactly why old dogs have to die - even the really sweet old ones. Kids can be pretty smart sometimes.

Pics of Rosie:

Roperchick 07-04-2012 05:47 PM

Im pulling security for a Hoobastank/Jack's Mannequien Concert

Country Boy 07-04-2012 08:53 PM

Happy 4th fello Americans!

Endiku 07-04-2012 09:35 PM

What a beautiful girl! I've always wanted a mastiff, but with the size of our house and the fact that we have two little guys, mom didn't quite like that idea xD I settled for my current dog, Connor- though, who is a German Shepherd x Lab mix that we rescued off of the side of the road. He ended up being a huge investment, as he had parvo at only 6 weeks old and had to be hospitalized, and was later diagnosed with mild Wobblers Syndrome, Luxating Patella in his back legs, and just recently- Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Even with all of those though, he's the happiest dog I know and I love him to death xD

Its amazing, what kids can think through, isn't it? I wish you best of luck both with Spring and the new puppy!

RoperChick- Sounds fun xD does that mean free music? haha

Country Boy- And a very happy fourth to you too!

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