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BarrelWannabe 07-04-2012 06:40 PM

Fleas! Ugh, I need help
My sister's house is infested with fleas! I think they're even in the front and backyard.

What is a good way to get rid of fleas? Her poor dog and cat are being eaten alive, all while we're trying to find something that will help them.

We've tried fogging the house, haven't attended to the yards, and the pets have been given baths, collars, or just about anything that we thought would help them.

Anything at all would be greatly appreciated. I hate seeing these guys miserable.
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SunnyK01 07-04-2012 07:02 PM

The best thing to do is to visit your vet's office and get safe and effective flea treatment/preventative for the animals. Most vet offices also sell effective home treatments. Be very wary of the OTC products that are sold at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. They generally do not work well, if at all, and can be incredibly dangerous to your pet's health. Flea collars are a complete waste of money as they will only keep pests away from the immediate area. The animal will likely still have the fleas crawling all over the rest of their body.

Some pet supply stores do sell Frontline and Advantage OTC, you just usually have to ask for it. Some people think there is starting to be resistance forming to Frontline, but it is still the top of the OTC products available.

CLaPorte432 07-04-2012 07:25 PM

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Ok, heres the thing...

You cannot treat the inside of the house, and not treat the yard. If there are fleas in the yard, everytime your dog or cat goes out, theyll bring in 100 more fleas.

The house needs to be fogged. Not with a cheapo brand, a good fogger. You need to use a carpet spray, yes, even if you fog, and get under furniture, cabinents, behind couches etc. Anything you can wash, wash in hot water. Blankets, pillows, curtains etc.

Your animals need to be treated with something that will kill the fleas AND will kill flea eggs too. Frontline Plus, certain flea sprays, certain flea dips. Again, dont cheap out. You get what you pay for.

Throw the flea collars out, they dont work and arent worth a dime.

Flea eggs can hatch up to 90, yes, 90 days after they are laid. One flea can lay one 200 eggs in its lifespan. Do the math. :shock: you need to continue treatment for weeks, and months after you think you have it under control. Otherwise, theyll just come back. They are hardy little boogers and if you treat, but dont kill them all, you will end up with a "super bug" that cannot be killed because they are resistent to the pesticides you are using.

And finally...

Good luck.
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Dreamcatcher Arabians 07-04-2012 07:33 PM

We're having fits with them too. So far this seems to be working. Spray the front & back yards with Malathion, let dry completely before you let the dogs & cats back out. While they're inside, bathe and dip, I use Zodiac products they seem to be the best. Once the yard is dry, I shut the dogs out and set off a fogger and go grocery shopping or to a movie or something. Come home and vacuum everything, carpets, floors, upholstered furniture. In a few days, I sprinkle Sevin dust on the carpets and furniture and let it set for a few hours and then I vacuum again. I try to vacuum daily during flea season and dip the dogs every couple of weeks. It's the only thing that keeps it mostly down.

BarrelWannabe 07-04-2012 07:51 PM

We have used foggers and sprays from the vet's office. I have told my sister and mom(helping to pay for this as my sister is of low income status.) to try frontline, or other similar products.

For the lawn, I tried to get them to treat it but they didn't listen to me. I understand that if the dog goes in and out, she will bring fleas with her no matter what.
It's frustrating because I'm trying to help her and her pets as they are all suffering from the fleas.

So the plan of action is to strip the lawns, treat, then into the house with foggers, a deep and through clean of the house, all while treating the cat and dog continually with effective medications.

Does that sound good? I'm trying my best to be clear about what they should do.
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CLaPorte432 07-04-2012 07:56 PM

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Yes that does sound good.

Unfortunately, everyone has to be on board with the plan. So try talking to your mom and sister. ;-)

Also, you want Frontline PLUS, it kills flea eggs as well as existing fleas, ticks and lice.

The regular frontline only kills adult fleas, ticks and lice. So you arent doing anything about the eggs.
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CLaPorte432 07-04-2012 08:00 PM

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Oh yes, and vacuum daily, or multiple times throughout the day. And put a flea collar in the bag or container. Since its in an enclosed very small area, the pesticide in the collar will work. And throw the bag, or contents away, far, far, far away from the house and yard.

Vacuuming will help to stimulate the fleas hiding in carpet to come to the surface and be sucked away.
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cakemom 07-04-2012 09:36 PM

Spray the house and seven dust the yards. Vacuum and throw away the bags. Give every animal a bath, capstar and put frontline or advantage on them. Vacuum couches and all. Dog beds must be treated as well. If you have a raised house 7 dust under it as well. In 21 days spray and treat again, and the advantage or frontline 1x a month.

The capstar kills the fleas that are on them immediately, then when you put the topical on it will kill any new ones.
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englishaqh 07-06-2012 09:46 PM

sorry if what I am about to say doesn't give you much advice other than what you already know :(

My sister's apartment was terribly infested with fleas... we actually just had it flea-bombed again two days ago so let's hope it works.

My sister has two cats who are temporarily living with us, and since my cat was staying with her while she was on vacatiion, before all three cats were able to come back home to my home they all needed flea baths (they smelled like pine when we got them haha).

After two flea bombings of the house and no one staying in the apartment for several nights at a time, we are hoping that works. It's not underestimating the situation to get the animals out and elsewhere while the flea situation gets better because it won't help as effectively if the fleas are still in contact with their hosts. I hope it gets better... my sister's legs looked horrible, all bitten up and everything.. she even went to the doctors for fear of what could happen. Luckily she's ok and everything but with that many itchy bites you know there is a chance of infection.

I hope your situation does get better, really. I wouldn't want anyone to go through what we have just been through. :(

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