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ScoutRacer 08-08-2008 03:00 AM

My 1 yr olds bloodlines good or bad?
I have a 1 year old pinto who is half Arabian and half American Show horse or half Saddle bred I cant really get the correct answer out of my girl friend... I don't even know if there is a difference between the two I'm sure there is. His Sires name is "Fames Sonata." Fames Sonata is a true Homozygous Pinto stallion. He was tested and certified by the University of Kentucky for the tobiano pinto gene which means he is a 100% pinto color producer. Hes also SCID Clear. He has had two years of professional training for Pleasure Driving and Country English Pleasure and has placed as Champion, Reserve Champion and Top 10 in these disciplines and Halter. He is Triple Registered National Show Horse, Pinto and Renai and is a NSH Nominated Stallion. He is also a Nominated Stallion for the Show Horse Alliance. He could be Sweepstakes nominated.

I got my Horse Scout from a lady who was given the horse by the owner of Scouts dad for FREE... and I bought him from the lady who was keeping him for $500 bucks. He's the best horse in the world and I love him to death... I'm just curious to know what type of horse I'm dealing with... bloodline wise.

As far as his mom goes... I cant remember her name but she is the Arabian... I know that only a limited amount of info. about Scouts Bloodlines can come from only knowing his dads info... but as far as his dad goes...

here is a site of his sire under saddle:

thanks for the info!

ScoutRacer 08-08-2008 03:37 AM

Here are some pics Scout is obviously the pinto horse the other horse is my girl friends BIG Red Dun he's 1/2 quarter horse 1/2 mustang. AKA the most FLIGHTY horse I've ever met... jumps a mile high at the crack of a twig and is scared of his own reflection.

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