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JustEvent 07-05-2012 09:45 PM

I found Mango's old owner today!
So today I was googling Mango's registered name in an attempt to find some background on her. Well, I came across some youtube videos of her being worked. I decided to message the owner of the videos and within an hour had a response from her! She told me she lost track of her a couple of years ago and had been missing her. We talked on the phone for half an hour about her and she had me add her on facebook! Well, she had some really awesome pictures of her jumping cross country and showing! I was shocked! I'm now even more excited to event her because you could tell she was enjoying herself! Anyway, I just had to share what happened because I thought it was awesome! :D:D:D

Silent one 07-05-2012 09:46 PM

That's great! I try to keep track of the horses I sell but have lost track of some, so I'm always excited when someone contacts me that they have one of mine!

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