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Corazon Lock 07-05-2012 10:14 PM

Riding in a Hometown Parade
I am planning on riding my 11 year old Quarter Horse gelding in a parade on Saturday. It's a small hometown one, and I am riding with a float for my brother-in-laws new business. I will be painting on glittery hoof polish, horse glitter, and horse paint on his butt with the phone number of the business.

Rusty is very good in traffic and went on a 30 mile ride from one town to a city a year or two back. He has no problem with vehicles - trucks, semis, cars, anything have roared past him - they scare me more than him! He doesn't seem to mind loud noises, and there was a time where I road him bareback double with a sign flapping in the wind down my road and it didn't bother him.

However, Rusty has previously gotten "worked up" about new environments. Usually he is worst on the ground, and I can work it out with him in the saddle very quickly. He nevers bucks, ever, but he does, ver rarely, do a rear threat if he feels cornered...but, once again, I can work that out of him. When he spooks, he either jumps sideways or foreward, but he has never bolted with me, and he's usually scared of things you wouldn't think a horse would be scared of ... big rocks. He's been to shows and stuff and has been totally quiet there.

I guess I am just rambling because I'm super excited but nervous. I know that most likely Rusty will do fine, especially since I unload in a different area than my crew and have to ride him over to the lineup, so he can kind of sight-see.

Any advice? Hopefully Rusty sounds ready to you all out there...I think he is. :) Tips or tricks?

AnalisaParalyzer 07-06-2012 08:50 AM

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Lunge first. Your going to be walking, so giving him a chance to work off the excess and focus will help. I do simple ringwork before events so annie knows she's "working".
Otherwise, just stay relaxed and aware of your surroundings and pay attention to what your horse is telling you. If you find you need to refocus him, do figure eights behind the float. Parades are lots of fun :) good luck and enjoy!!!
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Corazon Lock 07-06-2012 04:52 PM

Thanks! I think I will probably be more nervous than he is...nervous about him being nervous even though he probably won't be!!!! I needed those words of encouragement. I have to ride him over to the float because horses are unloaded in a different area, so hopefully a few blocks of riding will get him responsive and relaxed. I'm hoping he'll be relaxed enough so I can throw candy out of my saddlebags...I practiced at home while we were chasing a pig and it didn't bother him lol.

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