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4EverPainted 08-08-2008 12:21 PM

I rode Boo bareback!
I finnaly rode Boo bareback back to his pasture, so fun! I rode my old horse bareback all the time but not Boo, until now. His trot is so fun and easy to sit. Now pics:
catching him
interested in the pony!
he looks so young!
my mom went crazy with fly spray so he looks like he has muddy footprints, lol.
me riding him bareback. He looks so funny in his flymask. :lol:

Pinto Pony 08-09-2008 04:24 AM

Cute pics. Bareback is fun!

Zanesgirl 08-09-2008 04:37 AM

I love riding bareback, although cantering on my mums horse is like sitting on a beanbag lol

i did a lot of riding bareback because my saddle was heavy and i hadn't taught my horse how to kneel down so i could put it on him lol

nothing quite like it, is there?

love the pix by the way!

Small_Town_Girl 08-09-2008 11:04 AM

I've never rode bareback, it terrifies me...and me being
pregnant, not going to try anytime soon. :P

He looks so funny in the flymask! :lol:

PoptartShop 08-09-2008 11:58 AM

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He's soo cute. :D Bareback is awesome!!

SDS 08-09-2008 12:23 PM

Hey, that's funny! I just rode my mare bareback for the first time ever last night in her halter too!

And your horse is very pretty!

4EverPainted 08-09-2008 02:10 PM

Thanks guys. bareback is tons of fun, i wish i could have done it again today but he was exhausted after drill team.
I know he looks funny in his flymask, i cracked up laughing when i saw him in the pasture today, he acts like hes blind! :roll:

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