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barrelbeginner 07-06-2012 10:15 AM

MY darn cows!
Okay so i have 19 longhorn cows. 1 bull(full grown) and 2 bull calves. and then the rest are heifers and cows.

I woke up to my dog growling, which scared me to death, then i was hearing noises outside! I thought someone had come to kidnapp me lol. I hid under my blankets for a while haha then i heard a mooooooooo. So i look outside and i see my JUMPY cow, she jumps the fences so i thought nothing of it... but then i noticed one of my new mama cows.. and i was like this is noooottt good.. then i noticed Star.. my bull.. and i ran outside just to get them away from my dads challenger because if he rubbed agaist that we would be having hamburgers today:/.

And by the way this is all around 1AM this morning.. ughh.. so i wak wup my dad and we got them back in.. the gate latch had broken.. and the wind must have blow it open.. and this morning.. the destruction... not to any of the cars thank god.. but we planted 200 trees last spring and Star decided he didnt like the way that we put them up and he broke some and made some all / slanty like.. Oh boy i hope this doesnt happen again..

COWCHICK77 07-06-2012 10:56 AM

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What a pain....

I have a little corriente heifer(not at my house-at a friends, my fences aren't any good).
She will crawl through anything! My friend has a high dollar electric fence charger and he trains all of his cattle to respect a hotwire.(the only thing she respects...she is headed to the sale too)
He trades quite a bit of cattle through the sale barn and a good portion of cows that he gets are like yours that wont respect a fence. He has a set of corrals with a hot wire strung on the inside. He keeps them cows in there for a couple of days to let them figure out what that hot wire is all about. Those chargers are expensive though.

You might think about how much feed they have. Yearlings and naughty cows or bulls for sure will plow through a fence, but usually mama cows are a little more laid back and won't push through a fence unless given a reason. Like the feed is better on the other side and hungry. I am just assuming that they pushed on your gate and broke the latch.

barrelbeginner 07-06-2012 11:02 AM

Yeah the grass is always greener on the other side.. its because of one darn cow haha. she is going to the sale barn asap. and yes we got a pen being built right now that we are oging to put some of the UNtouchables in because we can get close and pet alot of our cows and it just makes it easier that way.

Country Boy 07-06-2012 07:38 PM

My cows haven't gotten out once yet. And if they did they'd be road kill and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Our Largest Bull Bevo tried to escape once and was stopped by a semi who honked scaring him back towards the herd. We have enough room for them to roam comfortably.

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