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Jore 07-06-2012 09:11 PM

Our first local show of the season is tomorrow!
And I'm surprisingly not at all nervous.. mainly because I know Major and I did very well last year and he's done nothing but improved since then. :) However, I kind of did some googling on the judge, William Buckley, and found that he's a pretty successful QH guy.. so hopefully he'll give me some more insight on Major. The part that I'm most nervous for is probably halter/showmanship even though Major has his walk/trot transition going great on the loose lead.. mainly because I find the near constant eye contact with the judges quite awkward haha.

Anyways, just figured I'd post and then I'll update tomorrow with how we did. Hopefully we do well because I spent a good 9 hours preparing everything this afternoon!

On another note, my instructor agreed to us buying Major.. however, it's apparently a three way ownership with her parents and her mom is still on the fence.. but her and her dad are trying to convince her. Let's hope that her mom says yes.. although I don't see why not because I've never seen her around Major.

uflrh9y 07-07-2012 02:40 PM

Good luck and have lots of fun!

Jore 07-07-2012 08:02 PM

I cannot decide whether this show was a success or a failure.. he was a tad excited today (ie: bucking a bit when we were warming up outside) but calmed down when we got into the ring at the lunch break.. he was going wonderfully.

The disastrous class? Youth English Pleasure. He was going beautifully (head down, cantering on a loose rein) and all of a sudden, leapt sideways and off I went. I was just really relaxed (since he had a nice, slow canter going on loose reins).. so I was completely unprepared. The judge let me get back on, but needless to say, we didn't place. However, we got third in the Open English Pleasure.. so we did redeem ourselves, although it still wasn't his greatest performance. We also got some seconds and a first in halter. There was a pretty good turnout and the judge was awesome and really nice. :)

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