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TheRoughrider21 07-08-2012 07:27 PM

Building Obstacles
Hmm, so I was wondering if any of y'all had built your own trail obstacles? I want to try out Extreme Cowboy Racing, but I don't know how to go abouts building things like a bridge, or one of those things where the tarp hangs down and you have to go under it. I'm just looking for some ideas, my uncle is a really good builder and would be willing to help me build things. I'd like it if the stuff was easy to take down or dismantle for easier keeping. So, any ideas or hints would awesome!

I'm thinking of stuff like this.



SorrelHorse 07-09-2012 04:30 PM

What I did for obstacles is I took my truck out on some logging roads into the woods and found fallen logs that I would lift into the bed. I got some PVC pipe, wooden 2x4s, tarps, garbage bags, old tires from the junkyard, old buckets/barrels, etc.

If I was going to make the tarp thing at my house, I would probably put a couple tarps over my round pen tall enough for the horse to ride under and attach some trash bags to it. You could also find a tree branch and hang strips of tarp/plastic/trash bags to walk under.

For the log jump, I would just go find a log and prop it up on some cinderblocks, tires, cavaletti blocks, or anything like that.

You could also make a jump by setting up some tires in a row and filling them with dirt or sand, or using the 2x4s or PVC pipe propped up like a crossrail.

You could also try tying sticks to the edge of the pen and putting a bunch of trash bags/plastic walmart bags on the end of them to walk under.

Get a rope and drag a tire or barrel around...

Just get creative...There is a lot you can do!

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