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BubblesBlue 07-08-2012 08:08 PM

The Adventures of a Bra
Some of you know of this right?

Well I want to tell you of another prank I pulled on him. :rofl:

I happened to find a 32A bra buried deep into my drawer that hasn't been used in years and I decided it needed to get out a little. :lol:

So it ended up in the middle console of our hired man's truck!

Of course, he didn't happen to find it until his truck was full of people!
When someone pulled it out, his face was that of a wide eyed, open mouthed frog!
His friend tried to cover for him by saying that someone borrowed his truck recently and they probably left it. :lol:

So then later that night, he went to the dance. I heard it traveled to one of his friends trucks then it ended up on this guy I rodeo with's head. Then finally, it ended it's journey by being tied to a hitch of a truck of someone who drove away with it.

And that was the small adventures of my 32A bra.

He still hasn't figured out that it was me who did it.

[he still has yet to find the underwear... :lol:]

stephshark 07-09-2012 04:24 PM

If you really want to freak someone out, you could start leaving pieces of clown costumes in weird places- soooo creepy! ;)

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