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OurLizardsHope 07-09-2012 05:12 PM

Ready to start Barrell racing?
So....all I need are some barrels! :P

Ive been practicing my barrel turns and lead changes with
tiny in the pasture, cantering, going fast, stopping. And flying
lead changes. She was kind of being a brat yesterday and
didn't want to stop and back up (and sorry for the empty screen time. My
friend helped me edit it so theres not so much dead time but she changed
the colors too and now it looks kind of weird).

So, without further adoo, here's the video! What do you think?

DrumRunner 07-09-2012 05:32 PM

You need to work on your seat, you're leaning to the inside of every turn. If you do that when running barrels you will throw your horse off balance and mess yourselves up. I think you need to get a few barrels and practice a lot more with slow work until you have it down to perfection..You don't train a barrel horse by running, running, and turning out of no where... Just running around a field isn't getting yourself ready to run barrels. I started a thread a while ago that has a lot of really good beginner exercises you can do with your horse. It also wouldn't hurt for you to have a few lessons and I do recommend having a trainer step in and help you if possible.

Casey02 07-09-2012 06:28 PM

I woudnt ever let my horse walk of with me like that...(in the beginning of the video) Turn his neck in to the sturrip and you shouldnt have a problem with that any more

horsesRamazing 07-09-2012 06:43 PM

You are leaning in alot pretty much everyturn! You do really need to get some barrels its hard to train with nothing, also when you get the barrels start off at a trot/jog then get into cantering at certain parts. Most important were a helmet!!! The biggest thing i noticed though was your turns or circles around your imaginary barrels were waaaay to big you could get disqualified if you cross the timing line by circling to big. Hope this helps! :)

QHriderKE 07-09-2012 06:48 PM

I found the video tough to watch. The editing is screwing with my mind.

I think you need to slow him down a bit more, he looks very capable of slowing his lope down a lot more. Also, I might be wrong, but it looked like you need to calm your hands down a little bit now, because if they aren't calm now, when you get to barrels, they're going to be all over the place.

What all do you know how to cue for? There are a lot of maneuvers you as a rider should be able to cue for before you get to running barrels...

COWCHICK77 07-09-2012 06:50 PM

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Like drum said don't lean into your turns. Not sure if your compensating for him leaking out, or if he is compensating for you leaning in. On my phone its hard to tell plus the weird coloring threw me off.
Work on making perfect circles in your slow work, then you can speed it up. Also you will need barrels eventually. Both so you know when to rate and turn and so he can learn to "hunt" a barrel.
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DrumRunner 07-09-2012 09:40 PM

I know right? That color mess is really making it hard to watch.. OP, next time you post a critique video please don't let your friends play with the colors and stuff. Editing big lapses of screen time and adding music are okay but the rest is just unnecessary..

DoubleS 07-09-2012 11:59 PM

I don't really mind the editing. It's easier to crit some weird editing rather than a video that looks like it was recorded with a calculator :lol:

In addition to everything said above, (your hands are really flying everywhere, as well as your body, and leaning into turns)...
It looks like you're really riding 'loudly' (I don't really know how else to call it). Pay attention to trying to stay in rythm with your horse, not just bumping around in the saddle. Use your hips to absorb the canter a little bit... Idk how else to explain it.. Not only is bumping around uncomfortable for the horse, I can't imagine it feels too good on your own backside either!!
Another thing I see in some clips, is that you're really leaning back a lot, which throws your legs into a chair seat. Sit so your ears, hips, and ankles are all in a straight line :-). (sorry, equitation nazi here...)
Your lead changes look good! :D
Like the others said, barrel training isn't just running around aimlessly and turning in circles. What you should be doing (and I'm no expert, but I barrel race sometimes) to get your horse ''ready'' for barrels, is some flexing to soften him up, and getting him in good shape (hills, trot poles, conditioning). Then once you get the actual barrels, you can start WALKING the pattern... For weeks... until you have it down pat. Then trot it, then lope it, then you can try it full out once you've got the pattern down really well (just be sure not to do it too much, then your horse will get arena/barrel sour.) Also do some drills, and mix up the pattern a little bit so your horse doesn't get to where he thinks he knows it better than you do; so he's still listening to you. :-)
Hope I helped a little :-)

enh817 07-10-2012 12:58 AM

It's really hard to tell, with the way the video has been edited, but it looks like your horse is doing a lot of cross cantering, which I would image would NOT be good for barrel racing (I'm no barrel expert). It could just be the wonky colors, screwing with me, but I believe I saw her swap just the front a couple of times.

Are you asking for those lead changes? Or is she just doing them of her own accord? I notice her counter cantering a couple of times... (or at least I think she did, again it could be the wonky color)

Do you happen to have the original, unedited version of the video?

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