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The Robyn 07-09-2012 09:53 PM

~Graphic~ What is this weird sore on my gelding's face?
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Hello all...

The other day, I noticed a small sore on my gelding's cheek. I treated it with Liquid Bandage and put a fly mask on him. The next day, the spot was larger so I cleaned it with water and put more liquid bandage on it. Now it's really big and has little holes. It's gross. There are only 2 horses in this pasture, and cows next door. My other horse has no sores. What is this???:shock:

flytobecat 07-09-2012 10:01 PM

Call a vet out. It could be anything from insect bites to a bacteria infection. He's probably going to need some antibiotics.

BBBCrone 07-09-2012 10:13 PM

^^ That.

I can't say for certain, I'm not a vet. But it very much looks like what my dog had last year. They called it pseudomonas (spell check). It required a biopsy to confirm. It is some type of water born bacteria.

wyominggrandma 07-09-2012 10:47 PM

this is going to sound weird , but last year one of my show dogs had what looked like an abcess starting. We thought possible spider bite. Treated it with antibiotics, cleaned it out. This went on for two weeks, then all these little holes broke out. Still no pus or anything, but like the skin was eating itself up.
We sedated him, took a HUGE portion of neck skin out to make clean tissue to make sure we got it all. We started to suspect possible cancer. This was a 2 year old dog. . Anyway the vet soaked the wound in amoxicillan and since it was too big, we had to just let it heal. Sent in tissue samples.The report came back as an infection that is usually seen in cattle. Very weird to have it in a dog, and we have no cattle by us. I can't remember the name, but we then put him on Clavamox for four weeks and it eventually healed and closed up and no scar or anything., It was not contagious. The funny thing was as we were cutting tissue and cleaning it out, little green pieces of "something" were in the holes... It was just strange all the way around
I am mentioning it because his neck looked so much like what your horses cheek looks like.
You need a vet out to biopsy it as soon as possible. He will probably need to be on antibiotics for weeks to get rid of it, I imagine the vet might have to cut it out to get clean edges if its the same thing.

OutOfTheLoop 07-09-2012 10:54 PM

My dog just got a smaller spot that looks similar to that on his nose. It has the little holes in it too. The vet said it was ringworm and to treat it with cream. I was doubting the vet, now I really am after reading this.
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nyx 07-09-2012 10:55 PM

Ohh nasty! Subbing to see what it is.

I hope its nothing serious, goodluck to you and your horse

Lexiie 07-09-2012 10:58 PM

Subbing also. It's always good to know what stuff looks like!
Oh, and OutOfTheLoop :
We had a gelding get ringworm, and it definitely didn't look like that

BBBCrone 07-09-2012 11:00 PM

Well this may help. I wasn't very clear now that I read my post again.

What my dog had was VERY painful. Both hubby and I struggled to get her into the van to get her to the vet. She's just not like that :( We had to put her under anesthesia before the vet could even touch her well enough to see what was going on. They shaved patches of her hair off from the neck to her hind end. She had spots all over her body that looked like the OP's picture. She was NOT a happy camper. She was on antibiotics for 3 weeks. Two different kinds.

OutOfTheLoop 07-09-2012 11:02 PM

Yeah I kinda figured. My horse vet is great, the small animal vets at the same office, not so much. This is the third time they have been in my eyes " dumb about my dog. The first was they charged ne 100$ to write me a rx for antibiotics when my dog got an infection from his nueter. Second he had a spot on his neck that looked like a bite and they said it was a hot spot, which I doubted, and then this with the spot on his nose.
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Lexiie 07-09-2012 11:04 PM

Phooey vet ):
the only small animal vet I got to, is a family friend. They're definitely pricey, but I really trust their knowledge.

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