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SDS 08-09-2008 12:16 PM

What classes?
Just curious...If you guys know your classes that you are taking in school, tell us!

Here's mine:

Advanced Carpentry (I love Ag class!)
Annual (which is making the yearbook)
U.S Government :roll:
English 4
Advanced Math

I have a period where I'm not sure what I am going to take.. I might take art.

What about you?

claireauriga 08-09-2008 12:41 PM

Semester one
Transport Phenomena 2
Engineering Thermodynamics
Reaction Engineering
Process Dynamics and Control
Laboratories 2.

Semester two
Design and Safety
Management 1
Separations Processes 2
Mathematics 3
Particle Technology
Laboratories 3.

SDS 08-09-2008 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by claireauriga
Semester one
Transport Phenomena 2
Engineering Thermodynamics
Reaction Engineering
Process Dynamics and Control
Laboratories 2.

Semester two
Design and Safety
Management 1
Separations Processes 2
Mathematics 3
Particle Technology
Laboratories 3.

Just curious, are you in college? If so, what major? It kinda sounds like engineering, which is what I want to do...

claireauriga 08-09-2008 12:50 PM

I'm about to go into my second year at the University of Bath, studying for an MEng in chemical engineering :)

What sort of engineering are you looking to go into? Geneng or something specific such as aerospace, mecheng or chemeng?

At school I ended up with eleven GCSEs, plus an AS level in Critical Thinking and A levels in Maths, English Literature, Chemistry and Physics.

SDS 08-09-2008 01:06 PM

I'm not really sure yet. I wasn't even thinking about engineering until I got my ACT test back and they told me I would be good in the engineering field.

Sorry, but I don't know very much about it, yet. What's Geneng? (I'll take a wild guess and say that it has something to do with genes?)

claireauriga 08-09-2008 01:21 PM

Geneng = general engineering, where you study many disciplines.

There are so many types of engineering out there, but the main ones include:

Chemical and biochemical - whenever any substance needs to be moved, pumped, processed, reacted, separated or stored in any way, you need chemical engineers. Think really big plumbing crossed with chemistry. We're also known as process engineers. Chemeng sprang up out of the oil industry, but it has applications everywhere. There are very few things around you that didn't need chemical engineers, from paper to your computer to the water coming out of your taps! The very first chemical engineers were the first people to ferment alcohol. There are infinite applications, and more still with biochemeng - aside from pharmaceuticals, where you work with methods for producing drugs and medicines, Bath's research includes reactors for growing human bone, producing essential chemicals from bacteria and other microorganisms, and all kinds of novel membrane technology.

Mechanical - machinery!

Aerospace - aeroplanes and things like that.

Automotive - cars.

Civil and construction - building stuff, from houses to bridges to chemical plants.

Electronic and electrical - all that sort of stuff.

Medical - closely tied to biochemeng in many ways (e.g. the novel bioreactors for bone tissue), but focusing on engineering for medical solutions.

You can see which type of engineering is my favourite ;)

Bath is very big on engineering - just scroll through this list and see how many engineering degrees they offer!

Basically, if you're thinking about engineering - I only discovered chemeng a year before I had to apply to uni - you've got to ask yourself, "Do I love maths? Do I love physics?" If you like chemeng, add, "Do I love chemistry?" Do you love problem-solving, analysis, using science and theory but also taking it into the real world, finding practical solutions where reality doesn't fit theory and making things work?

Any engineering degree is extremely valuable, even if you don't take up work as an engineer. The skills of analysis, problem solving and understanding systems and cause-and-effect will stand you in good stead in any job.

SDS 08-09-2008 01:24 PM

Wow, it's seems that you know your major!

So, if I have any questions, I can drop a note in your box? :P

claireauriga 08-09-2008 01:31 PM

Absolutely! I don't know much about the other kinds of engineering, but I'll happily promote chemeng to anyone!

It really is an amazing subject. In my first year I've studied all sorts, including:
  • how to make beer
  • the thermodynamics of the Haber Bosch process (you will get so effing sick of haber-bosch ><)
  • how to blow up all of Kent
  • these really cool things called McCabe-Thiele constructions that really do blow my mind with how clever they are. They're to do with distillation columns :P
  • designing a plant for changing n-butane to iso-butane
  • all the amazing kind of membrane processes they use in the Middle East to get drinking water
  • designing and building a circuit that will pump water through various pieces of equipment to allow us to determine the characteristics of a given pump - and then finding said characteristics
  • valves and fittings and pumps and weirs and rotameters!
Probably sounds boring as hell to many people here, but it's been fascinating and fun for me!

GeminiJumper 08-09-2008 01:32 PM

My major is Equestrian Sci. and Horse Tech.

My classes are:

Stock Seat Equitation
Introductory Equine Seminar
Computers in Agriculture

Lol, I'm going blank!! Gahh!! There are a bunch more classes, I'm taking 19 credit hours, I just can't think of them!

FutureVetGirl 08-09-2008 05:19 PM

Well... let's see... I'm in tenth grade...

Algebra 2
English 10
Spanish 3
US History (I'd rather be doing world history again... or ap euro)

and... extra-curricular things like Horseback Riding, Art Classes, and maybe a few other things...

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