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jazzedforhim 07-10-2012 12:51 AM

Clipping fetlock on left side only
I hope this is the right place to post this as it's my first post here. My apologies if it actually belongs elsewhere.

Quick history: Just bought this horse about a month ago. He is a seven year old Tennessee Walker with an amazingly smooth as glass gait. He came all the way across the country so he's now in a completely different area. I have noticed him getting a little barn sour. Part of this is my fault. As we were getting to know him on the trail that beautiful smooth gait is heaven, and he's most forward on the way home and so we let him go fast, not realizing the developing problem. The other issue is that in the evening when I come up they are usually just about to feed so he's wanting to get back to eat. I'm dealing with the barn sour issue (that isn't my immediate concern) but my problem is that ever since i have been slowing him down on the way home he has been clipping his inside left fetlock on the front and back leg. Only the left side. He's doing great with slowing his pace down, but he still has that "desire" and more "energy" behind his steps, and I think that is why he is clipping himself. So...I bought him some "classic legacy splint boots", front and back to help him. Took him out tonight for a very short ride and he STILL clipped himself through the boots. Now these boots have fetlock support, but a reinforce area that is on the outside of the leg. I was thinking about putting them on the opposite leg so that the reinforced area is on the inside (which is where he is clipping himself) but I don't want to cause an injury since they are not designed to fit that way. Does anyone know if I can put them on opposite legs and not interfere with his way of going? I can't believe he clipped himself THROUGH these boots. They are not thin. Here is a picture of the bootFront Legacy System Protective Boots - Solid

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