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Chanceluv1 07-10-2012 10:04 AM

Where to find good riding lessons near Dallas, PA.

I am looking to find a good riding school near where I live in PA. I have found a couple online, but would like to see if anyone has personal recommendations. I am 28 and a newbie to horses. I may want to purchase my own in the future, but want to learn ALOT more about them first. I am not looking for training for competitions or anything like that. Just for basic training, trail-riding, maybe some jumping....all for fun. Can anyone recommend a facility? Thanks!!


heymckate 07-10-2012 11:32 AM

I can't recommend any specific facilities in that area, however I would suggest just going out and visiting the places you've found online! Bring a list of questions and goals you have, and from there decide what place best suits your needs. Sometimes places that don't look so hot online end up being great, and places that seem great online end up.. well.. not so great. Plus you'll get an idea of whether or not your personality will fit with the instructor or barn owner, which can be important.

Some ideas of things to ask:
What is the price of lessons?
Are the lessons private or group lessons?
If group lessons, how many riders are generally in a lesson?
What disciplines do you teach?
If I start in one discipline and decide it's not for me, can I switch to another?
What is a typical lesson like?
Do I need to arrive early before my lesson to saddle my horse?
How many lesson horses do you have?
Will I be able to learn other skills related to horse ownership?

My goals are x, y, and z. What do you think about them? Will you be able to help me accomplish those goals?

Good luck! Starting riding lessons is always exciting. :)

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