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Kayty 07-11-2012 09:01 AM

Since the Aussies were overrunning the Charlotte and Valegro thread...
What do you make of this: EA confirms reserves for London 2012 Olympic Games

It seems that poor old Hayley has not only missed out on her rightful place on the team, but has now lost her place as reserve.
My EA renewal papers have been tucked in my diary, credit card details written in... but now I'm not sure sure that I want to give those greedy mongrels anymore money.
This is disgraceful. Australia FINALLY has a world class team, we've always been a joke in the global dressage scene, our horses have been placing in International, European competitions... and they they don't even pick those horses for the Olympic team??????? Come ON EA, get your darn act together!!!!

Joe4d 07-11-2012 11:53 AM

I dunno, I looked up the records of the horses and riders and they seem to have some pretty impressive resumes, Not sure about the reserve rider, doesnt seem like he has done much in ten years.

ANy time you have a sport with completely subjective scoring there will all ways be heartache, bias, and the perception of bias. Thats why I do AERC endurance and not CTR, there is no judging. You start you finish, only judging is whether or not your horse is lame. Which I havent ever seen a horse pulled that wasnt clearly in need of being pulled.

Kayty 07-11-2012 08:16 PM

Joe - Kirsty Oatley, the rider selected over Hayely, is ranked more than 100 places below Hayley in the worldwide standings. She also has not competed in more than 2 years, she was allowed the courtasy of swapping her horse at a selection event because her main horse was ill - the same courtasy was not awarded to Hayley at the next selection, when she had a full veterinary report stating that her horse had an infection.
She has done much better overall than Kirsty, and nearly the entire Australian Dressage community is up in arms because of this decision.

At Aachen over the weekend, one of the biggest and most important international competitions worldwide, Hayley was the highest placed Australian by miles. Kirsty was increadibly rude to Hayley as a result. It was disgusting.
From looking at the comments on the Equestrian Australia facebook pace, and other dressage forums, most of Australia will be supporting the UK or Americans this Olympics.
The renewal of EA memberships has dropped enormously over the last few years due to very poor decisions by this organisation, and this has been the icing on the cake. There are calls for the entire committee to be removed, and replaced with a new team, so bad have their decisions in the last few years been.
Very little is put back into the sport. In America and Europe, you see a huge amount of rider support. Clinics organised, riders sponsored, brilliant facilities and competition venues.
Australia is a backwater for the sport of Dressage, and if we weren't a laughing stock before, we sure as hell are now.

Kayty 07-11-2012 08:17 PM

The reserve, GV Bullwinkle, attended the Athens Olympics as an eventer on the Australian team. He has now been trained to GP dressage with Rozzie, and is going very well - In Australia. However he is a ridiculous choice as a reserve over Hayley's Bellisimo.

Joe4d 07-12-2012 07:29 AM

So who apoints the EA members ? Is it like the American National Rifleman association ? Or AERC american endurance ride conference.

Are the directors appointed for life. Some kinda private click, or do they get elected by the membership ? How many of those up in arms members didnt bother to vote or run against the existing directors ? I have no idea.

I have seen some parallels in a large (25,000 member) shooting organization. People have hissy fits over the arbitrary selection of the World team. The bylaws say the president selects the team. But no mention of any specific criteria. Yet only about 20% of the membership votes and they keep reelecting the same people that make the jacked up decisions.

Kayty 07-12-2012 08:48 AM

The EA is run as a company, so unfortunately the members do not have a say in who is running the show.

The selection criteria changed multiple times during the selection period, and they have now released a statement, again dodging all of the 'hard questions' and spewing a load of rubbish on the members - do they think the entire competitive equestrian community in Australia are that easily fooled? If so, they are sorely mistaken.
We've been pushing for transparency of the EA for years, they appointed a new CEO who has no experience in the horse industry, who said he was going to get the whole EA system put up online, so we could enter competitions online, renew memberships, register horses etc. 2 years later... the online system is a piece of garbage, it does not work at all. They said they were aiming for transparency, well, have we seen any inkling of an idea on where our annual fees, which have nearly doubled in price over the last few years, has been going? It is a not for profit organisation.... but where is the money going?????? Probably into sending filthy rich competitors to the Olympics, because their rich father pumps money into the sport in Australia.

faye 07-12-2012 08:57 AM

TBH I dont think the international communities see Australia as competative in anything other than eventing and I very much doubt this will improve that image!

If BD/BS/BE pulled a similar stunt there would be hell to pay!!

Shasta1981 07-12-2012 01:59 PM

The whole ordeal sounds super shady. Can you imagine how uncomfortable the new reserve must feel?

Once they start losing memberships they will have to clean their act up or disappear. Are they the only organization in AUS? Might be a good opportunity for a group to start a new one...

Joe4d 07-12-2012 05:53 PM

so who decided they get to pick the olympic team? doesnt your governement have any say so in what organizations are involved. Is they some kinda national Austrailian olympic committee ? Who runs that ? Are they elected ?

Kayty 07-12-2012 08:51 PM

Faye, exactly. We have zero standing in global dressage, Hayley is probably the only one with a decent level of respect overseas, having been elected to ride a number of German owned stallions.
And she's been booted from the team! The highest ranked Australian Dressage rider, beats all on the time the majority of the time - Kristy isn't even in the top 8 Australian dressage riders, Mary would be lucky to be in the top 5, and Rozzie, well, nothing to be said there.

The EA has a monopoly in Australia. They are the only federation available, I think the only state that has another option is Victoria, and they can only compete to a certain level, and cannot compete in any 'official' competitions.
If you want to have lessons with a qualified instructor on a regular basis, you have to be an EA member, to register a horse, to compete and gain qualification points... EA EA EA. Hence, they have been able to up membership fees astronomically and we've got no choice but to pay. I think after this mess, there will be a push to give us more options, other than EA.

Joe, the government will barely touch equestrian sports, they get some grants now and there from the government, but 90% of funding comes from membership fees.
The head honcho's of the EA, decide who selectes the Olympic team of course *big sigh*.

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