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DrillRider 07-11-2012 09:34 AM

I bought a 10 year old Friesian gelding (my first horse) last December. When I bought him he had a small winter coat but my barns horses live outside so he got really furry. This winter I will probably be showing him in dressage shows from January on (USDF, and schooling). The barn manager (my instructor) doesnt like blankets but thinks that since she will be taking me to shows it might be a good idea. SO! I would like to keep his coat as short as possible. Around here it is probably 32 at high (normally) and -10 at low over the winter. There are tent sales stating friday and I would like to get blankets on sale. What should I get? Should I do light to heavy and just see what the temp is?? Please help! Thanks!

aforred 07-11-2012 12:15 PM

That sounds good. Are you going to keep him under lights?
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DrillRider 07-11-2012 12:17 PM

no. He has a light in his stall that I could leave on but a barn near us had an awful fire recently and I am afraid of leaving the light on. Also, what different blankets should I buy? (Different warmth)

aforred 07-11-2012 12:47 PM

I'd go with a light or medium weight blanket and a fleece liner that you can use at night or when the temperature is colder.

I ask about lights because the shorter days of autumn trigger the horse to start growing their winter coat. When I want to keep a show coat through the winter, I use blankets and bright lights on a timer. They come on at six, ho off at eight, come on at five, and go off at nine. During the day, I turn out.
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DrillRider 07-11-2012 02:16 PM

ok! So what is the difference between turn out blanket and sheets? And what levels should I get. I have seen 300D to 1500D and then also just sheets. Im so confused lol!

aforred 07-11-2012 02:26 PM

If your horse will get turned out in his blankets, definitely go with turnouts. They can be worn inside as well. The only difference is the gussets in the turnouts that allow for freer movement.

As far as the denier, the higher the number, the tighter the weave. Look for a blanket that has reinforced straps, a higher D, and waterproofing.

Sheets don't do much to keep a horse warm, but do help keep them clean, especially the night before a show when it's too warm for a blanket.

eta: also look for ripstop and a lining over the withers that protects the mane. And make sure you measure your horse properly.
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PaintHorseMares 07-11-2012 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by aforred (Post 1592325)
Sheets don't do much to keep a horse warm, but do help keep them clean, especially the night before a show when it's too warm for a blanket.
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Sheets are not insulated but keep a horse warm by keeping them dry. Being wet in the cold/wind is much more chilling than low temperatures.
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aforred 07-11-2012 02:34 PM

^^This is true. For some reason, I was thinking of stable sheets in the non-waterproof variety. *head-desk*
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DrillRider 07-11-2012 03:27 PM

Ok thanks! So I should look for a light and medium turnout with a high number D. Thanks SO much! Anything else I should I know? I measured him as an 80 or 81

aforred 07-11-2012 03:38 PM

Keep his conformation in mind while shopping. Some blankets are cut to fit a stock horse type, while others are cut more for a hunter type.

Also, I like blankets that have 1 or 2 belly bands as well as leg straps (preferrably detachable ones that are easy to replace). It keeps them more secure. Front closures give more adjustability in terms of size, but that's the first place a lot of blankets break.
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