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Sheepdog 07-11-2012 01:55 PM

Ewe with ulcer on udder
Hi everyone I'm glad there sseems to be quite a few goat people on this forum because i'm in need of some urgent advice. I have around 100 goats boer/ saanen type mixes mostly. My problem is with an elderly ewe\nanny. A few weeks ago we notices she was walking like she is sore and is reluctant to move, but noticed she had a wound on her foot so assumed that to be the problem. Her udder has been swollen, but she kidded twins about two weeks ago and she always has lots of milk, so didn't think anything of it. Today my workers told me brownie has a cut on her udder and when I went to investigate found what appears to be an ulcer on her udder. A wound about the size of your thumb and forefinger circled with milk leaking from it. It is not a cut, raher resembles an abcess that ulcerated. Is there anything I can do\apply? She also obviously reluctant to let her kids drink and them being only about two weeks old are still way too young to go without milk.:-(

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