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blue eyed pony 07-12-2012 07:40 AM

Blue's find-me-a-TB thread
K so I'm looking for a TB to showjump and event on, and might throw some straight dressage into the mix to shake it up a little.

At the moment I'm looking at two different horses. Both TB's, both geldings, both 8yo and both bay. Was hoping not to end up with ANOTHER bay or bay-based horse (have had 3 in a row) but a good horse is never a bad colour and with my budget my chances of finding a not-bay TB that's built for what I want are pretty minimal.

There's this guy, going for free to a good home. Transport will be a good $700+ raced and then forgotten about, has since had a little bit of re-education but is still pretty green. Has jumped 3'4" in the space of around 5 or 6 sessions since beginning jump training. I like how he's built but he's so far away and transport will cost me so much... Sorry, only photo I have of him. Owner is going to get video for me. Approx 16hh, no official measurement so I wouldn't know for sure. A wee bit smaller than I would ideally like, but there isn't much in the height range I want for the price I'm looking to pay.

And then there's this guy, free lifetime lease. Transport should be under $200.
flat video
jumping video
I don't know his history, whether he raced, or what. He's shown some, but in a discipline I don't ride. Green jumper, but seems honest - in the videos he's being ridden by a 14yo. Is it just me or does he look lame in the flat video, just a little bit? Could be bridle lame, rider's hands aren't great. Movement's pretty bland but he's a TB, what else can I expect? Canter is nice, at least - I can see him having some real talent in the jumper ring with that canter. 16.2hh so the perfect height (that's the mark I'm really looking for).

Essentially, I want a project, I don't want something that's already finished and I can just hop on and go out and win. I already have that in Monty. Either one is a project, the smaller one because he hasn't had a lot of flat education and the taller one because he hasn't done a lot of jumping - but I don't mind teaching them to jump, I've done it before and I know a lot more now than I did the last time I trained a horse to jump. I don't have a huge amount of patience for flatwork - I'll do it, but I prefer jumping, so I do have a tendency to want to jump them before they're really ready for it.

Like I said I want a showjumper and eventer. Showjumping is my passion, but I do enjoy eventing... I just don't have a huge amount of confidence over solid fences, so I'm a low-level event rider but a mid-level SJ rider. My boy won't get me much higher in SJ, due to his age, so I'm looking for something that has the potential to jump at least 4' courses in competition... hence my desire for a tallish horse, because although I know smaller ones CAN and DO jump high (had a 12.1hh pony that was easily jumping 3' when I sold him), I'm more comfortable jumping big jumps on a bigger horse.

Elana 07-12-2012 10:44 AM

Top horse looks a good one from what can be seen. Decent bone and correct. Perhaps a bit straight in the hindleg. Perhaps a bit restricted in the shoulder.

The second horse is OK too. Can't tell much from the videos as the horse is lost in shadow a lot. The lame is not lame.. just posting to the trot. The jumps are just hops so not much to see other than he is green.

blue eyed pony 07-12-2012 10:57 AM

I quite like the top horse but he's too far away to go look at first (hence exxy transport price tag), easy 2 days' drive. I'm not flying to look at a maybe, and I'm sure as heck not spending that much on petrol. So it's a risk, because I wouldn't know beforehand whether he's the right horse or not. I can be a bit nervous in the saddle so a horse that I feel safe on is the most important thing - not necessarily well behaved, either!

But with the second one, that trot still does bother me a little bit, there's something not quite right about it to me. And yes, really nothing at all to indicate whether his jumping form is any good or not - though it looks pretty good from what is there. The top one has kinda dodgy form, but is proven in height, and I don't ride H/J so form isn't THAT important as long as the horse can clear the jumps. (plus he's green so his form will improve some with grids)

I'm in contact with both owners (well, waiting for the owner of the second to get back to me) and the owner of the top one seems really honest. She has said she just wants a good home for him where he won't be neglected again.

There are plenty other fish in the sea if I decide these aren't suitable... have got a friend who knows racehorse people who might have something local I could have (delivered for nothing!) so we'll see what happens on that front as well as in contact with the people who have these two.

Reno Bay 07-12-2012 12:34 PM

I cant watch the videos (some random crash on my computer did that), but I do like how the first TB looks. Unfortunately I can't do a comparison of the two due to my computer's issues.

As for TBs having bland movement...well then, you haven't seen mine. He has the BEST floaty trot ever. My BO actually said, "Holy ****! Did you see that?" when we first put him in the field (and she's been in Dressage for decades). Whether or not you compete, Dressage basics will keep your horse strong and are a good base for other types of riding.

blue eyed pony 07-12-2012 01:01 PM

mmm me too Reno, me too! The issue is distance, he is quite a way away and whoever I was to pay to transport him would have to do the trip in two runs... town called Newman where horse is located, to Perth (a VERY long way away from Newy!) and then Perth to my town which is about 2.5 hours south. It's a very long way for a horse to travel and would probably be two or three days' travel for the poor thing plus whatever waiting around in the yards at the depot for the next down south run! I do like the look of him and depending on what I see in the video the owner has promised to get for me, it may or may not be worth it... I don't know.

Yep some of them can REALLY move... my chances of getting such a beast for my price range? Pretty much nil! I'm most likely going to have to make do with a nice walk and canter, and ok trot. The trot can be improved, depending on the horse and how it's built it can be improved a lot. Walk and canter not so much.

Second horse has a REALLY nice canter, even though his trot is fairly blah with the young rider on his back... looks in the photos to be better with the better rider (the owner I assume). Bit rushy it seems when jumping though, idk...

Yep dressage is what I'm concentrating on mainly because it's what's been letting me down when I go out eventing. We don't have any issues with jumping or XC, Monty and I (he is a machine, even though I'm a gutless wonder over solid fences), but the dressage just isn't good enough. It's me, not him! I couldn't get good circles on an Inter1 horse, so my chances of getting good circles on a Prelim/Novice (Training/lv1??) dressage horse are pretty much nil.

I do event, so I do "sort of" compete in dressage. I'm just considering throwing straight dressage into the mix so that I actually WANT to concentrate more on that, because if I'm not competing in it in the near future, I don't usually have much interest in anything besides trail riding :P I am currently concentrating more on the dressage side of things because I didn't know just how bad I was (thought it was more my horse) until I was very generously given a couple of rides on an FEI horse and had all the same problems! I'm having dressage lessons with a very lovely friend of mine, which reminds me I need to message her and organise the next one.

ETA; just did a google maps search and directions and the QUICKEST trip from Newman to Perth is over 11 hours, plus another 3 to get to my town! (plus horse trucks are always late and stop all the time so it would be more like 20-24 hours on the truck travelling for the poor guy!)

Reno Bay 07-12-2012 01:11 PM

If you weren't in Australia (and in my area) I'd recommend my BO/trainer. She's really strict, but that's a good thing. I haven't been able to take lessons with her because I moved one state down (bringing my boy down here when he finishes his basic training with her).

As for chances finding a decent horse with a limited budget? Mine may not be the best horse in the world, but he's young, willing, and improving every day. I got him for only $150 (and that was an optional donation for the rescue). Maybe I just got lucky...but only time will tell with his training and all.

blue eyed pony 07-12-2012 01:23 PM

LOL I would LOVE a strict trainer. The trainer I had when I was so generously given the rides on the Inter1 (about to go Grand Prix) horse spent the whole of both lessons either yelling at me CIRCLES ARE ROUND, or SIT UP STRAIGHT, or HEELS DOWN, or LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING - or making me sit this horse's HUGE trot and yelling at me if I got tired and started rising! I loved her, I could barely walk when I got off after both lessons and I absolutely LOVE that in a trainer (though I hated having to work another 7 or 8 hours after my lessons I tell you!)... haven't been able to find someone like her since coming back to WA, and I'm kicking myself that I didn't stay over in NSW, but I'd kick myself MORE if I let Monty go and he wouldn't cope with the travel there (it's 4 or 5 days on a truck and he's a nervous traveller) and it's too cold for him over there anyway. He doesn't cope well with the cold, so he'd lose weight on the trip from stressing so much and then he'd lose more weight from the cold and end up looking and feeling like an RSPCA case :/ can't exactly rug him any heavier either, he has 5 on tonight!

Yours is really quite lovely, but Aus's economy is rather a lot stronger than the US's and the horse market is therefore much stronger as well. A really good, well trained horse sells for big money here OR in the US, but the difference is, OTTB's sell anywhere from $1500 to $10,000 - and that's BEFORE re-training - and my budget, INCLUDING transport, is $1000 tops. And that's a stretch, and only possible if I get a decent tax return this year. OK so $10,000 is for the very very best, EXTREMELY well-bred, EXTREMELY talented individuals, but still...

THAT being said, my next door's have a STUNNING gelding that they got as a trade for a case of beer (maybe $30) - he, however, had something wrong with a tendon when they got him, and I'm a bit wary of tendon issues past or present. Most of the really cheap ones aren't sound or aren't strong enough in the legs/tendons for jumping, or are too old (9 is the oldest I want to look at, really, and even that's pushing it).

I do know someone who knows someone who might be able to get me a free one locally but I'm EXTREMELY picky with my horses, after falling in love with Monty whose conformation is nothing short of shocking. OK so it's not THAT bad but he has a very long back and a very weak loin, AND hunter's bump, AND long cannons, AND upright pasterns, AND crap feet. The sheer number of potential unsoundnesses my horse has!!! I'll be shocked if he's still ridden past 20 honestly...

caseymyhorserocks 07-13-2012 01:57 PM

I LOVE that second horse! I think what you are seeing about his trot is that its prancy, he lifts his legs up high (you have to post slower to trots like that). I would at least go visit the second horse before crossing him off and after riding him decide from there..

I would also be a little worried about a horse who needs work on flat work but is jumping?? He does seem to have great bone though.

blue eyed pony 07-16-2012 03:43 AM

Mmm not sure, just feels like to me that his hind legs aren't quite going on the same rhythm as his fronts? idk :/ that can just as easily be training as an actual problem though!

I will go see him anyway I think, he is perfect in nearly every way and his owner got back to me and said he's been barefoot successfully so he'd adjust well if I wanted to pull his shoes (which I do - I won't have a horse that NEEDS to be shod for soundness reasons). He's a better size than any of the other horses that I'm looking at (including Violet who went back to her owner but is coming back to me because owner's daughter won't feed her)... better educated, quieter, more honest. CHEAPER - free lifetime lease plus transport costs of MAAAAYYYYYBE $200 - and better suited to my purposes I think. Owner is very interested in him going to me. I will quote, "you offer exactly the home I am looking for for Olliver". I hate the name but because it's a lease I'll have to keep it - but hey, there has to be SOME drawback!

Means I probably won't get Violet even if owner offers her to me for nothing, but it also means I have to sell Satin ASAP...

blue eyed pony 07-16-2012 04:36 AM

Top horsey on the flat: Danny Boy | Facebook

Maybe a bit quick through the canter? but he moves nice.... but horses that are quick in the canter scare me so idk :/ He's green, but seems pretty willing... but idk if I'd be confident with that canter and I can't try him out first :/

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