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LizzieE 07-12-2012 03:17 PM

I have to share my joy!
I had an amazing ride today that I just have to share with everyone. So, I jumped my mare for her first time today. I was super nervous that she would be psycho because she can be a bit unpredictable at times, and when I started our ride, she was acting like she was going to rear and buck a ton. It just felt like one of those days, but I have been waiting for her to have a good day so I can jump her for a while now, so I decided I was going to buck up and work with whatever she would give me.
I started first with some ground poles to get her in the right mindset, and she fell through those like she had never even seen them before. Very discouraging. Finally after a few times of complete disaster, we had a nice set and I decided it was time for an actual jump. I set the jump at the lowest hole possible and made it a crossrail. I was a bit nervous on the approach, but as soon as I got to the base, she trotted over it like she had done it a million times. I was so stoked. We finally worked out way up to an 18" vertical, and she jumped it like a pro. I am so excited to have started paving our way into the eventing arena. She had never seen a fence before and already she is doing so well. I am just so excited. :D
This was also super great for me because I haven't jumped for over a year. The last time I jumped I fell and broke my ankle during the first half of my cross country course at a show. Extremely disappointing. Anyway, I had to sell that horse because I moved and then bought this one when I decided to move back (long story). I hadn't had an opportunity to jump since the fall, so I was a bit nervous, even though the jump was tiny, but this was a great confidence booster for me as well.
Anyway, sorry for the long post. Thanks for reading. I just couldn't keep so much joy all to myself. :)

Cinder 07-12-2012 03:30 PM

Congrats, I'm glad everything went well! I hope she continues to pleasantly surprise you like that!

Aiya 07-12-2012 03:49 PM

That's awesome! Glad you had a positive experience with her and I hope it continues well for you! It's so rewarding when you just click with your horse :)

LizzieE 07-12-2012 07:15 PM

Thanks guys! I'm so proud of her. I can't wait to keep working on it! :)

Army wife 07-16-2012 06:32 AM


Skyseternalangel 07-16-2012 06:40 AM

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Well done!!!

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