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Cheyennes mom 07-12-2012 04:29 PM

Show Name Ideas please!
Hey guys!
So in September we're retiring Cheyenne (who is now 29 years old!! Yikes!) and I'm moving to a 6 year old Arabian named Maverick.
I've been riding him a bit lately and I'm taking him to a fun show near the end of September as I'd like to show him next year. He doesn't have a Reg. name or anything though so I'd like to make him one! I made up one for Cheyenne and it was 'The Answer to Everything' and that's because she has a backwards question mark on her forehead. The opposite of a question is an answer so I thought 'Hey! The Answer to Everything!' Anyway, now I need to think of one for Maverick which'll be a bit difficult! I'd really appreciate some help!

I'd like a name that has something to do with either his appearance, personality, or his name (Maverick).

For his appearance, he's a 15hh Arabian. He's bay in colour and has a strange black mark by his tail and a little white dot on his forehead. He is an arabian but he doesn't have the thick flowy mane and tail, they're both rather thin. He has very flowy movements and is an INCREDIBLE jumper!

As for personality, he's the type of horse who I like to think of as a dreamer. When I think of him I think like he'd be the type of horse who'd have a butterfly land on his nose and when it flies away he'd just kind of watch it fly away curiously like 'where are you going, wanna be my friend?' type thing lol He's very gentil but nosey, he's always gentily nudging you and blowing on you and all that stuff.

And for his name...Maverick. Because he's rather...well, a Maverick ;) lol

Here's a couple pictures of him:

If you have any ideas for me I'd be happy to hear them! Thanks a lot!

Equbook 07-18-2012 06:26 AM

Hello, well, I immediately though of "The nightshadow enlightened by the full moon"
He makes me immediatly think of the full moon with his white dot in the front and the rest dark colour. Besides, as he is a jumper, he moves up and down, just like the moon does every night. And last but not least, in Arabian culture, the moon, stars and sun are very important.

Cheyennes mom 07-28-2012 09:28 PM

That's a really neat idea :) The names a little long though is the problem... :/ It could be Full Moon in the Dark though, that's a little shorter... Thanks for the idea though :)

JustWingIt 07-29-2012 08:33 PM

Hes adorable! If he goes missing hes in a good home;)
Hmm now for names-
here are some with Maverick in them-
Mavericks My Man
Maverick's Moon
Mister Maverick
here are some random ones
Once Again
Tell Me About It
Almost Illegal

sorry theses are kind of bad! Let us know what you decided on! :)

Cheyennes mom 07-30-2012 01:02 AM

Those are cool ideas, thanks :)
It's funny as a nickname (I nickname EVERYTHING) I call him Mr.Maverickman so I laughed when you mentioned Mister Maverick haha

Saranda 07-30-2012 04:08 AM

Marvel Moon
Nighttime Sunshine
All Stars Aligned
Dreams Come True
Dancing Moon
Full Moon Dancer
Marvelous M.

Equbook 07-30-2012 05:28 AM


Originally Posted by Cheyennes mom (Post 1620332)
That's a really neat idea :) The names a little long though is the problem... :/ It could be Full Moon in the Dark though, that's a little shorter... Thanks for the idea though :)

That's a great idea! Well, always glad to be able to help out a little bit^^

Can He Star 07-30-2012 05:36 AM

mine are completely random but seeing he's a dreamer and seems cute..

Just A Dream
(enter entails) For Love Alone

Horsnaround64 07-30-2012 09:04 AM

Mav is the man
My main Mav
Lookin Good
Lucky he's mine

Cheyennes mom 07-30-2012 12:55 PM

Those are also good ideas, guys, thanks for posting! His name's so hard haha with my mare it was so easy :p

I looked on a website with show name ideas on it and here are some ideas I got from it, tell me what you think of them (It's a lot but I was brainstorming haha).

On That Happy Note
A Dark Night
A Darker Shade
A Moonlit Dream
Full Moon in the Dark (Thanks Equbook)
Cowboy Cassinova (My trainer and I were saying how he'd be SUCH a ladies man if he was human :p)
Maverick the Ladies Man
The Dark Point of Light (He's dark and his star is a point of light)
Dissidente (Maverick translated into spanish)
Franc-tireur (this one isn't my favourite but it's an idea, Maverick in French)
Mavricus (Maverick in latin)
Kitamanis (In Lithunion)
Rebelious Maverick (Maverick translated into Albanian is apparently Rebel so I thought hey! lol and yes I was using google translate for all these so I'm not sure how correct they really are but hey)
Maverick Afleet (He's a jumper)
Easily Airborn (Again, he's a jumper)
Lover Boy (I'm a Hunger Games fan and Maverick is such a ladies man so I was like sweet lol)
Astraeus (Greek titan of stars, Mav has a star on his forehead)
Erebos (Greek god of darkness. Not sure if this is right for him since he is dark coloured but his personality is very bright)
Maverick of Nyx (Nyx is the greek god of night. At the moment I was reading a book on the greek gods so that's why I thought I'd look all these up :p )
Aphrodite's Flight (Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and Maverick's beautiful and he jumps,hense the flight)
Around Midnight
Breezy Boy (heard this and thought it was cute :p )
Moon in Bay (Moon on his forehead, he's bay coloured)
Disaster Removed (Goes back to his past, when he game to our barn he was worse than a disaster, he was absolutely HORRIBLE but he's awesome now so the disaster is removed)
Bird Call (As I mentioned at the top that I imagine a bird or a butterfly landing on his nose haha)
Darkened Diamond
Lengthened Story (When he came to our barn his life/story was lengthened)
Adnan Maverick (Adnan means pleasure in Arabic. He's quite the pleasureful ride first of all, second I'm going to be doing a lot of pleasure showing on him.)
Young and Restless (No idea where I got this, it was just funny :p )
Dark Horse
Prince Amity (Amity means peace and he's pretty peaceful so I thought it may suit him)

And that's all I thought of last night haha Tell me what you think, and please keep feeding me ideas, I love hearing them :)

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