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Amberish2002 07-12-2012 04:55 PM

Retirement options for pasture sound mare
I have a 13 year old TB mare with some pretty bad arthritis, and other problems. Hind fetlocks that are low concern my vet more than a severely arthritic hock... But they've always been that way and did not cause her any problems when ridden, jumped, etc. Looking for options for her care that would still be kind but much cheaper than the board I'm paying now. I really think even light riding is out of the question. Are people actually looking for pasture buddies in this economy? Breeding is out due to conformation issues that should not be passed down. Sorry if this thread is not in the best location Thanks for your suggestions or any info on things you have done in a similar situation.

franknbeans 07-12-2012 06:08 PM

Honestly you think that walking would be bad? Is she of a personality that can do therapeutic riding? My retired old guy, who has arthritis as well as an old suspensory, is free leased to a riding center. He is loved, well cared for, and not in a stall getting stiff. I am one who keeps him out 24/7 anyway, since he is so much better. Mine is free leased, and will come back to me when he can no longer do it.

natisha 07-12-2012 06:16 PM

If you can't provide for her retirement then the kindest thing would be to have her put to sleep.
There is a tiny chance she would fall into good hands but a huge chance that she won't. She did the best she could with her physical limitations & she can't do any more.
Please see to it that she has a dignified end. You owe her that.

Be careful trusting someone who says they have the perfect place for her as she would be a kill buyers delight.

I'm sorry you have to make these decisions with such a young horse.

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