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claireauriga 08-10-2008 01:01 PM

Who here isn't an animal person?
Okay, I'm probably all alone here - but I'm really not an animal person at all! I don't want to ever own a dog, or a cat. Vet bills, restricting your holidays, feeding them all the time, walking them, cleaning up their poo? Ugh, no way!

I have had some pets. These were:

- a few stick insects, which lived in a small tank in my room and then all died. Given them by a teacher who kept them in our classroom.
- three goldfish.
- a hamster, who lived for two and a half years and I had to do everything myself. My mum hates small animals.

I'll let my kids have hamsters when they're old enough to look after them themselves.. Not sure about rabbits or guinea pigs. I will have to be worked on for several years by children and husband to convince me to get a cat. And no dogs. Absolutely no dogs xD

I'm not big on handling animals, I'm not big on the mess they make, I'm not big on the dependency because of the way it restricts things for your family. I'm just really not an animal person at all!

So, am I all alone? :D

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