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Wallaby 07-13-2012 06:17 PM

Lacey and Lady pictures...for you!
So Lady's been here for almost 3 weeks already! It's crazy. Time is flying!
She and Lacey are still great friends. They're super cute together. Often I'll go up and find one or the other by herself, totally happy, just having some "alone time".

Lacey is still being a gem of a horse. She puts up with all of Lady's antics and pulls the "I'm the BOSS!" card whenever it's needed but she's never overly bossy.
Man, Lacey. I just want to snuggle her for being such a wonderful girl. She's really something else.

In other news, a young doe has joined the girls as part of the "herd". Pretty much every day, this doe is grazing with the horses/sitting near the horses. I think she may be one of the youngsters in the deer family that had been bumming around the pasture before Lady "moved in".
There's also a coyote that's been hanging out in the pasture. She/he is extremely shy but pretty much daily leaves those scent marking "piles" on the path down to the main pasture. The funniest thing about the coyote is that he/she is 100% totally "whipped" by the deer. If that deer sees the coyote, she is chasing the coyote away. Often the deer will chase the coyote through the woods and we'll be hear them crashing through the underbrush for a good 5 minutes after we can't see them anymore. It's possibly one of the funniest things I have seen. And the coyote keeps coming back!
Then again, I don't really blame the coyote. The pasture is basically covered in wild rabbits so if I were a coyote, I would not readily give up such a great food source either.

All this wildlife has been great for desensitizing Lady to things popping out of nowhere, crashing noises, wild animals, etc. It's great! Lol!!

So far, Lacey and I have started ponying Lady on trail rides. Lady's kind of a brat about it (she wants to run, run, run, run, and run some more) but Lacey pretty much ignores her so basically, I could not ask for a better pony horse.
I think Lady has put on probably 100lbs (at least) in the last couple of weeks. I'd say she's now a 4 on the Henneke scale.
Now I'm working on building muscle with her since she really has zero muscle. She's still a puny wimp next to jock-like Lacey! hahaha

I measured Lady for a winter blanket today (I'm considering continuing to foster her through the winter and the rescue wants their fosters to be blanketed) and she's only a 62!! Lacey's a 72! It's insane. Lady is SO tiny! Yay for pony blankets!!

Anyway, pictures for you all! :)



Kyoote poneh...

Lady face!

"Oh gurl, yuuuu di-n't!"

(Lacey felt like they needed "second-dinner"...I guess they transformed into Hobbits...inside their minds?)




I really like the way the lighting and the daisies came out in this one... haha


She's put on SO much weight!! [not to mention gained a giant belly! I'm kinda waiting for a baby to be up there one day....the rescue claims that she was around all mares at the other people's house but people with 4 ponies in a tiny backyard? how likely is it that they actually made sure no one would get preggo??]

*sarcastic voice* The excitement never ends.
Morning sunbathing time...

Run Lacey, run!

Crazy Ayrab head tossing! Lacey's just like "Let's just get down to business, none of this playing around stuff, PSH!"

Thanks for looking! I hope all ya'll are having a fantastic day! :)

Skyseternalangel 07-13-2012 10:20 PM

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They are so cute...

GO DEERS! Run em down :rofl:

Roperchick 07-13-2012 10:26 PM

YAAAAAAY! pictures! Laceys just so photogenic haha

la volpe 07-13-2012 11:20 PM

They're such pretty girls. I love their pasture c:

SaddleStrings 07-13-2012 11:31 PM

They look so happy! That's so kind hearted of you to take foster in. Lacey looks amazing for her age! Keep those pictures coming. :)

cakemom 07-14-2012 12:26 AM

You do realize you are fostering her for the rest of her life right? She's quickly become part of our horse forum family and as such must be Lacey's forever friend.
Lady looks awesome and Lacey is my favoritest old Grand Dame ever. I am going to take you some pics of our 32 year old Arabian guy at the barn tomorrow. The barn owner has had him since a yearling. He's awesome like Lacey.
Thanks for the smiles!
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Roperchick 07-14-2012 12:36 AM

yeah i second that^^^ your stuck with her for the rest of her god given life.

maddyjazzylove 07-14-2012 01:26 AM

♥Such a Beauty

Wallaby 07-14-2012 01:27 AM

Pretty much, Maggie! That deer, she is a beast! But then again, I guess she fits in perfectly with "The Sass Squad" (aka Lacey+Lady). :lol:

Hah, thanks Roperchick! She does it on purpose, I think. ;)

Thanks la volpe! I love their pasture too. It's just so picturesque! And it's such a nice clean background for photography...I just can't complain. haha

Aw, thanks SaddleStrings! It's so nice for Lacey and I to have a foster. It was actually a member on here that gave me the idea. I had been waxing "poetically" (it wasn't poetic at all, probably actually annoying, lol) about how Lacey was all by herself but I didn't feel like it would be financially responsible for me to actually buy another horse, etc etc. And this lady is just like "have you talked to a local rescue about fostering?" and I hadn't, so I looked into it, found a reputable rescue, talked to them, and got Lady 3 weeks later! :D

Hah, I'd really like that cakemom!
The only thing holding me back from adopting her asap is that I'm a college student without the real stability a "grown up" has. It's one of those things that I'm really thinking hard on - it's best for Lacey to have a buddy, but is it the best option for me right now? For instance, if I were to ever need to board my horses, I wouldn't have the $$ to pay board on two horses month after month (I have friends that I could leave the horses with but...). One would be stretching it even.
I have 2 more years before I have my bachelors, then what's going to happen in my life?
Anyway, I'm trying to let things unfold and trying not to push for any specific thing. The right thing, whatever that is, will end up being what happens, I'm sure. I'm pretty sure I'll be fostering Lady through the winter, whatever happens, so who knows, maybe the property owners will adopt her. We'll see. :D Hopefully though, the answer will be Lacey+Lady+Me+BFFs+Forever. :lol:
32 year old Arabians!? He's probably tooo cute! I can't wait! :D

Thanks maddyjazzylove! :)

Also, GUYS! Just realized that tomorrow is my and Lacey's 4 year "anniversary"! :D It's gone by so fast. May the next 4 years go by more slowly. lol!

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