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SonnyWimps 08-10-2008 04:29 PM

Super fun trail.....yet scaries!! and 2 videos!
Well today I had my very first trail ride with Sonny at the new stables.

Now I'm used to the fairly flat trails...and if there's a hill it isn't too steep at all. No creeks to go through unless there was flooding and just really calm and peaceful. An occasional deer but nothing that I have seen or has spooked the horses.

Well these trails were ALOT different. Not only where they flat, but there was STEEEEEEP (AND I MEAN STEEP) inclines (we had to go DOWN one that if it was any steeper it would be a straight drop......really scary but fun). There was a creek we had to cross (probably where the stables got it's name from...Schuyler Creek Farm), REALLLLLY STEEEEEEEEEEEP hills that we had to go up and down (one that we had to go down was sooooo steep that any steeper and it would have just been a straight drop), and we saw a deer (the horses spooked at it and took off also). It was REALLLLY rocky and Sonny would occasionally trip....and it was muddy so he'd slip, then spook lol. (he spooks when he trips or slips on the trail....stupid boy lol)

But there was one mishap that was HORRIBLE

Well we were all walking along a flat space, and then I noticed that Sonny kept stamping his feet. But I ignored it and asked him to continue. Then I turned around (not sure why though) and the horse inback of me (Tom was the horses name, and a beginner adult man was riding him) started bucking and kicking out. As we all yelled for him to turn the horse in a circle, do a one-rein stop and all that jazz...I noticed the girl back of him (and the horse) started to act up. At first I thought it was one of those annoying HUGE black bugs (starts with a "C" but can't pronounce it or spell it for the life of me).
~~~~Now a little background before we continue.....the girl that I was just talking about was riding her mare while ponying her filly...who was 3 months old~~~~
Okay well then I saw the horse act up more and more and than the rider jumped off (either that or fell off...not sure). Than the horse AND the filly darted and ran for it. Then I saw the rider kinda knelt on the ground in tears, crying, and acting like there was something in her shirt. Then I saw four bees fly by my face.

We had upset a collony of ground hornets and the girl was attacked by them. She had them in her shirt and everything.

She is fine, but covered with bruises and really sore.
Her horse (the mare) is also covered in welts from the bees and wouldn't let us touch her face (cause the bees attacked her ears)
But the good news is...........
The filly was NOT harmed in ANY way by the bees!!!!!!!!!
^^The filly standing next to her mom
^^Hannah (Sonny's girlfriend) and her owner before the trail
^^Following Hannah on the trail

The one picture of just the scenary won't upload :(

But here are the videos

Pinto Pony 08-10-2008 08:51 PM

Looks like fun except for the hornets, eep!

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