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Jewelsb 07-15-2012 04:59 PM

Getting a nice stop... HELP!!!
So I know I'm doing something wrong and I want to fix it. My gelding was at a trainer who taught him to do really nice stops even from a lope he would sit on his haunches with me just sitting back.
Now he is getting harder to stop and I want to learn how I should be getting him to do so.
I know I caused the problem so how do I go about fixing it?
He is ridden western and in a jr cowhorse bit.
Do I just have heavy hands? When he lopes he goes so fast that I feel I'm in his mouth too much just trying to slow him down. Then when we go to stop he is starting to run through the bit because of me already being in his mouth (in an attempt to get him to slow down).
Please help!!!
I don't want to be on his mouth so much, but how can I get him to slow down at the lope and stop quicker?
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