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anari 07-16-2012 08:29 AM

Possible injury? Hoof puncture, broken toe? your stories
My horse and I were cantering when he slipped/ tripped on something in our arena and took 2 strides on 3 legs. I pulled up and saw he was not putting his hind right hoof anywhere near the ground. When I checked his sole and there was a small line, bruising and a little bit of blood seeping out. I called the vet out straight away. She came out and gave him general anaesthetic and sedative, she then cleaned his hoof and started to dig for anything that might have lodged itself in there. After some time and some scraping away, nothing was found so we applied Betadine and other solutions and poulticed his hoof and treating it as though he has an abscess. He is currently on Bennacillin, alternative pain and inflammation remedies and bute for the first couple of days. At first he found it a challenge to step on his hoof but now he will use it to pivot around in his stable and is still willing to put weight on it if he needs to move his other legs to walk around. He is confined to a stable until he is better as his hoof is wrapped and kept clean. His lower leg has swelled up but he is seeming happy with his pain medication as he is still eating and drinking fine with an alert disposition to the world around him.
This only happened yesterday afternoon and I have now decided to get the vet out again to x-ray to confirm if there foreign objects or broken bones before we keep on with what we're doing.

My question is, has this ever happened to anyone and what was your horses diagnosis and treatment? I've had it all, abscesses, punctures, stone bruises, deep wounds and small scrapes, but never has he been so lame and had blood weep from his sole, so I'm left swimming in my head what it could possibly be. The x-ray will confirm some things but what are your stories or thoughts for now.

loosie 07-16-2012 09:21 PM

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I wouldn't be giving him painkillers ATM, as it may have him using it more than is good for him.

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