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moonlight 07-17-2012 11:59 PM

Abscess at coronet band or?
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So a friend of mine had a couple horses that a lady dropped off and left on their property (pastured with shelter) a few months ago. They have been caring for them.

Anyways short story, some one came out and took the horses to a riding event that was a few days long. The day after the horses came back when we went to inspect them we saw this.

I am not super familiar with different hoof issues, but I thought it was just an abscess yesterday, because it looked as if it had exploded. So we soaked with Epsom salt bath and disinfected the wound/tried to keep it clean and they were going to have the vet out in the next few days. But upon further look today (the wound is bleeding because we accidentally poked at a sore spot, while trying to disinfect). It appears like something much more serious. The whole coronet band at the top is white-ish colored and feels hot to the touch. The vet should be out tomorrow. However, I was just curious if any one had any suggestions. He is lame currently.

The horses had a farrier visit about a month ago.

The pictures are of the hurt hoof and the other front hoof. The other hoof also feels kinda of warm to the touch too up at the top near the coronet band.

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions. This is not my horse, nor do I know it's history of care. I was just helping out a friend.

PunksTank 07-18-2012 12:13 AM

It could definitely be an abscess - but I would have a vet out immediately - that's far too important an area to be left uncared for.

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