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kait18 07-18-2012 01:13 PM

questions to ask nutritionist?
as the title says: what questions should i ask the nutritionist?

i am using the blue seal brand and there nutritionist to get the best results but what should i ask them? they are coming on saturday around 1-130pm.

i already have the list of feeds and supplements i have tried and how long i used them, the amount i gave, etc etc

the feed they want me to us is sentinel performance LS. its a senior feed for horses still in work or for hard keepers.

so any questions i should ask please let me know. this is my current list:

he is still about a good 500-800lbs underweight and atleast 200lbs underweight before he actually gets worked at all for training.

what type of supplements can i add to this feed to get the best results?
is it ok to water down this feed due to his broken jaw?
if not watered down will he still be able to get the full nutrients?
what type of feeding schedule do you reccommend with this feed?
what are the doses/measurments i should be giving him at each feeding?
when does the average horse start showing signs of improvement?

any advice will be greatly appreciated :)

Cintillate 07-18-2012 01:26 PM

I would ask do or how do I adjust his feed if I plan on increasing his work or decreasing? Or in his case since he may not be worked but if he is turned out more than usual and what not. that is all I can think of as I would have asked the other questions you are planning too. Hope he gets well soon. :-)

stormylass 07-18-2012 01:31 PM

You ask heror him whatever you want let one question go to another, and don't think they will think your stupid, they are the nutritionist not you so any question is a good question.

wetrain17 07-18-2012 02:30 PM

Word of advice when talking to the nutritionist. Dont refer to the amount of feed in scoops, they do not know how much a scoop is. Make sure you talk in pounds.

wetrain17 07-18-2012 02:32 PM

You will also want to talk about amount and quality of the hay you are feeding and how that will effect grain

kait18 07-18-2012 02:59 PM

didn't think about the hay. i can have them look over the hay we just cut and have them take a look at the fields to see if they think there is anything there that will have a negative effect. and show them the field tests we had done the beginning of the summer.

wetrain17 07-18-2012 03:05 PM

they will tell you the only way of really knowing the anaylsis is to have it tested. They can give an educated guess on the hay, but wont be able to give you concrete answers with out it. they will dance around some of your questions with out having all the information. Im not saying they wont be able to make a recommendation of what to feed this horse, but quality of hay/pasture has everything to do with livestock's nutrition.

ruxpinsam 07-18-2012 06:13 PM

I'm a nutritionist and it is never a bad thing to water down a horses feed. Remember when feeding to feed lb for lb. your horse should be allowed unlimited hay.

kait18 07-18-2012 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by ruxpinsam (Post 1604417)
I'm a nutritionist and it is never a bad thing to water down a horses feed. Remember when feeding to feed lb for lb. your horse should be allowed unlimited hay.

that is for sure. he has 24/7 pasture and gets a square bale in his run in so when he doesn't leave the shade he can still munch.

loosie 07-19-2012 05:54 AM

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If you're going to consult a nutritionist, go for one independent of a feed co, so you're not getting the marketing propoganda. If it's supposed to be a 'complete' feed it should have well balanced nutrition, but unless it's top of the range & you're feeding the full amount recommended, it is unlikely to be, but a company rep won't tell you that. If they sell supps they're not likely to recommend something they don't sell either.

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