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Back2Horseback 07-18-2012 02:04 PM

Question for ANYONE LIVING IN TUCSON/Southern AZ!!
(First off, let me state, if you have something helpful to add, regardless of your location, PLEASE DO. I simply am in desperate need of experiential info from those in my area, primarily!) :0)

Without going into a long story at this point, I truly would like to understand what the reason is that in my area, as described above, there seem to be literally NO horses available for lease/half-lease/other similar arrangement.

I've looked through all the regular channels (horse sale/lease specialty websites...LOTS FOR LEASE in every state except maybe Alaska and one or two others, but AZ? ONE horse...same horse, and I've been looking for two months!

Craigslist: nada. Put my own ad in, got two GREAT RESPONSES, but one was a two hour round trip drive, the other, may have decided to keep her horses in another state at her parent's farm...(btw, never met either potential leaser, only communicated via email and had a GREAT rapport...second one was the only real option, and it seems she decided on the above choice-with her folks-due to really preferring that option initially but feeling they wouldn't do it, until finally they agreed).

Will give additional info if asked, but really just looking for a possible reason why it "seems" folks here would prefer to waaay undersell beloved horses they can't afford, or, turn them over to the meat man (!) than lease and get the added $$ they need to keep said horse! :confusion:

Any insight greatly appreciated!
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Speed Racer 07-18-2012 02:07 PM

What makes you think people are under selling or selling to the slaughter buyers? Valid question, because that comment absolutely floored me.

The majority of lease horses seem to be in the east; it doesn't appear to happen much on the western side of the country for a variety of reasons.

If you're feeling horse deprived, there are surely riding stables where you can take lessons, or even lease horses by the hour.

Back2Horseback 07-18-2012 02:12 PM

Let me also add: my trainer, well-known in this state (and back east) as being very honest, responsible, and all around an amazing person and horsewoman, can't even locate a half-lease for me to TRY (& leasing was HER SUGGESTION, so I am quite sure she isn't just politely "avoiding the issue"...I was actually told three days ago by a total stranger that if I intend to half-lease, I should expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $1000/month!! : laughing hysterically/eyeballs bulging out: And this was a reputable prior Junior Olympic rider/now trainer at a local VERY PRICEY boarding facility (was there to check their bulletin board ONLY and got to talking with her)...okay guys, your turn now...WTHeck!!??
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Houston 07-18-2012 02:24 PM

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I'm in West Texas/New Mexico and I've noticed that leases are difficult to come by as well.

I too posted an ad on craigslist. Got a few good offers, but ended up working something out with stables I do my lessons at. I either pay monthly for a half-lease or pay-per ride. Works out well for me!

As Speed Racer said I'm starting to think leasing isn't too common in this part of the country...

Back2Horseback 07-18-2012 02:26 PM


I do ride weekly, have had nine lessons, which seems small in number, but I rode from age 6 through 23 consistently, and per my own body awareness and that which my trainer has told me/we have watched and critiqued on video, I have quickly progressed from nearly a total newbie in body and mind (had been so rusty upon returning, that is) to an intermediate level that she is beside herself, and really wants what I do, which is for me to be able to ride at least four days a week and REALLY reconnect with the horse world fully, something that I need emotionally deeply at this point in my life.

I have the skill, and it is growing weekly. I have the desire to learn anything and everything (I volunteer at a rescue now two days per week...both of my weekly days off, I might add, as I work five nights per week as an RN in charge of a large locked psychiatric health facility.

I am not ready to purchase a horse as my husband is a small business owner just getting out of the red in this economy. I have a child, and as a woman who cannot go along free-wheeling through life, I have to know exactly what said horse under my care will cost per month. I am not at a place where I can stow the requisite (for ME ONLY, no judgement if this seems high) ten grand for potential vet bills if I were to take on the responsibility of my own horse with a shaky (for NOW) business and a husband and child to be responsible for...

In addition, I feel I need at LEAST A YEAR in the saddle again before I will know exactly WHAT factors I'm looking for in my hopefully forever horse.

Hope that clears that for the other ?, let me start a new post...
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Back2Horseback 07-18-2012 02:49 PM

To answer your second question, I have personally called upwards of 10 ads in my area advertising what appear to be wonderful intermediate level horses, selling at prices like $400, literally! I've offered references, offered to have them watch me ride, and to pay them minimum $200 per month (including first and last months lease = MORE THAN THE PRICE THEY WISH TO SELL FOR!) & they were still only interested in selling their "beloved" buddy horse "that if we could only pay to feed him would keep him forever..."
That makes ZERO business sense unless they just want it to go to the meat man and be off their hands for good...seriously, I could provide them with an income stipend to help pay for many things and would ride more than three days per week if that was their issue! Two men out and out told me they'd rather "send em to Mexico than to monkey around with all that business!" That is where I know this to be the least in some situations.

As for underselling...who sells a third level winning dressage horse, 16.1hh warmblood for $700, then drops the price month after month but won't take a lease offer? I explained that unless the horse is lame (this should not be selling it anyway without disclosing such or expecting it to be found upon vetting!)

I would help work it through any behavioral issues if not terribly severe, and at no charge; I'd be paying THEM & riding said horse with the guidance of my trainer...I see not a downside here for least, not a giant one!

Hope that helps, Speed Racer, to answer some of your ?'s...

B2H :0)

bsms 07-18-2012 03:30 PM

Are you looking to lease a dressage trained horse at a place that gives lessons? Or are you just looking to spend time on horseback?

Culturally, I suspect Arizona is more of a 'do what you want without other people knowing or caring' kind of place than the east is. I haven't lived in the east in MANY years, but I was amazed when living on Whidbey Island WA & in California how many folks seemed interested in what I did and how I did it. They also seemed to think their interest ought to result in my giving a rat's rear what they thought.

Given the prices around here, I suspect most buy a horse and then sell if they don't like it. We were given our mustang by someone who wanted to ensure he went to a good home, wouldn't resell etc - but who I suspect was primarily interested in making him disappear before the stable wanted next month's rent.

Other than in references to it on this forum, I had never heard of leasing a horse.

Back2Horseback 07-18-2012 04:11 PM


I appreciate your response! Thank you!

To answer your question, I an looking for a basic riding horse of essentially any sort. What I mean by that is...I wish to be able to practice what I am learning in my lessons from week to week so that I will get the very most out of my lesson time spent. In other words, despite running over every moment of what I learned in my lesson for the subsequent week in my head and visually on video, observing for where errors were made on my part, where I , could have done something more effectively, and also, where I did things right, so as to be sure I repeat the good and not the bad, I do not have any OTHER MEANS through which to polish my training would be as if I was a gymnast, but only went for training sessions with the coach yet spent no time alone practicing maneuvers the coach had taught me. That would do a disservice to me overall as well as the coach!

What I am seeking is a horse upon which I can W/T/C, practice upward and downward transitions, improve my balance and athleticism (& overall position through reinforcing it many days per week, multiple hours in the saddle), and practice making my aides as subtle as possible & as realistic, depending upon the training level of said horse.

I am completely disinterested in color, gender, (just no studs, obviously!) or really, breed...size isn't too important either...I am 5'1" on a good day and about 140lbs, with a pesky 20# to lose, but overall should be an easy rider to fit any horse/pony even, as I am not TOO BIG or TOO SMALL!

I also want a horse to love on! A horse to pamper, to respect, to groom frequently and thoroughly and to work with on consistency and manners in a gentle yet appropriately assertive way when need be.

To me, this should not be too tall an order! Plus, I LOVE MUCKING, CLEANING TACK, & am a stickler for a good overall body/leg check with each visit and have been known to catch small problems even at my rescue where I volunteer which others missed, so feel I could REALLY be even more than a financial asset to someone!

I agree, by the way, with your assessment of what your mustang's ex-owners were likely looking for. Very lucky horse to have found his way to you and your family! :0)

Thank you...B2H

Cacowgirl 07-18-2012 04:46 PM

If only you lived closer! I have 2 horses, & don't ride alone. I love to have someone ride my gelding while I ride my mare. he would love all that attention. My neighbor rides him sometimes & we ride w/another neighbor also, usually. But, I'm near Kingman & I know that's too far for you. Doggone geography!

Cacowgirl 07-18-2012 04:48 PM

As to leasing-out west here, it's fairly rare & when done, maybe at boarding places? My horses have always been on my property & I haven't been in a horse club for over 20 years,so a bit isolated-haha.

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