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cowgirl928 07-19-2012 03:54 PM

Rider Fitness
so I am a firm believer that to reach your utmost potential as a rider you need to be just as fit as your horse. I mean think about it, if you don't have good core strength your body won't be held up as straight and your balance will suffer, if you don't have adequate back muscles you will suffer back pain, and lets be honest, all riders need a solid backside and legs! So as an avid workout addict, I thought I would share a website that offers quick 12 minute workouts that always seem to offer core strength. It is 1 workout, for 12 minutes a day, to make you a better rider. You think after spending hours in a saddle you could spare a meager 12 minutes a day to become a better rider? Well here is the website, and while they do use some equipment, most of the workouts use only your own body weight against you. So there really isn't an "I can't afford it" excuse because almost all the moves can be done without equipment :D So please, give it a shot for 30 days and see if your riding improves, I bet it will. | Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness |

julianeAHS 07-20-2012 11:22 PM

Thanks so much for this! I completely agree. I need to get back in shape!!! So excited to try this :)

Houston 07-21-2012 12:51 AM

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I found that, for me, core exercises and running benefit everything physical I do- riding included! I mostly just run (quite a bit), do sit ups along with other exercises that work the core, and throw a few push ups in. I did the insanity work out for a few weeks and it was also great!

Thanks for the link!

boldstart 07-21-2012 02:45 AM

The only way to truthfully to get fit enough to ride is to ride more often.

Of course working out and all helps and it does build up, but I found with riding trackwork the only way to get use to riding over right horses a morning is to ride, ride and ride.

I've started to do little exercises to help out inlcuding using hand grips and dumbells. It does all add up in the end!

Foxhunter 07-21-2012 05:41 AM

Track work is very different to riding say English! I do agree with you that the only way to get that sort of fitness is to actually do it! I know that if I were to get on a horse to (track) work it I would not be able to walk for a week afterwards!!!!

As for general riding, being fot makes it easier on you and the horse.

Interestingly Carl Hestor was giving a clinic (on TV) - when he rode his horse and was talking at the same time I noticed that he was a bit breathless yet he would be riding several hours a day and would be anything but unfit!

Skyseternalangel 07-21-2012 06:05 AM

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Cool beans, thanks.

Here is another site as well with some free little workout advice:

Workouts > Home Abdominal Workout | WorkoutBOX

Hiking, wearing heels (girls lol!) crunches, stretches, etc. are great for improving riding.

Arizahn 07-21-2012 08:38 AM

Lol, I bought a border collie pup! Our walks keep me in shape...sometimes my horse is actually well enough to join us! One day I hope to be able to ride her and walk the dog at the same time. Until then, I volunteer for yard work!

These exercises are great though, thanks:-)

kittersrox 07-21-2012 09:55 AM

Subbing so that I can look at the sites later :)

PaintedFury 08-02-2012 12:39 AM

Subbing, so I can find it on my computer later!
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Joidigm 08-02-2012 12:51 AM

Sub! So I can read first thing tomorrow morning lol. Thanks CG. :) I was running, but I actually stopped when I started riding more than twice a week. But now I have a funky ache in my left hip joint, so I dunno.

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