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xVannaIsLifex 07-19-2012 04:22 PM

Did they dump her?
***Warning, LONG story ahead***

I board at a barn with two other boarders. One is a super nice woman, named Karen, who is very interested in adopting a horse rescued by my barn owners and she takes care of her. The other boarder is a boy my age who has a mare named Ming. From the story given, she was at a barn, owned by a man dying of cancer. Because he was sick, he couldn't care for Ming, so the boy's parents took her out of there and moved her to their backyard. She then gained weight but they wanted to move her and found my current barn. The boy and his father have been to the barn a few times before to help out and prepare for horses moving in. My barn owner, Frank, went to pick Ming up from the property. The father was standing on the side of the road with Ming and put her on the trailer and offered no help bringing her back. Frank drove back by himself and it took a total of three hours to get the horse because of traffic. When they arrived back, Marilynn, Frank's wife, was shocked. Ming needs at least 250 pounds. She's a 17.2 hand, mid-aged(?), Oldenburg used for eventing. She's very sweet but extremely cautious and can get very nervous. (Karen and I think she was abused because I tried putting her halter on for the farrier and she jumped away three times before letting me get it on. She leads very well. She kept jumping away from the farrier when getting her feet trimmed. She didn't have bad manners, but was showing that she was scared). She has scars on her neck that look like claw marks. I'll check her again all over to see if there's more later this week. Today's the third day that the boy was supposed to come and clean and help out at the barn. (Cleaning stalls for board is how my barn works). Marilynn and Frank have been rescuing for years but can no longer afford it. Karen and I were talking about what we should do with her if Ming does end up being abandoned. Marilynn wants to send her back because she doesn't have the time or money for her, although Karen and I would help out very much with her. My question is, did Ming's owners plan on dumping her? They're not rich, but not poor. My mom is getting more information on the law of returning horses. There's some form of law about selling a horse without permission from previous owners, or something, I'm not sure exactly what it is. Karen and I were saying that we could work with her and get her more confident around people and eventually find someone for her. I would just like to know everyone's opinion on this situation. If you have questions please ask! Thanks!

Roperchick 07-19-2012 04:36 PM

do they have a boarding contract? or was it just a spoken agreement that they would clean stalls in exchange for board? if they (the boy) are the registered owners and theres no written contract im pretty sure you cant just sell her to someone else. i would get in contact with your local animal control or SPCA and ask them what to do. or get in contact with the boys family (im guessing your BO knows where they live if they went to get the horse) and let them deal with them. either see if the people want the horse if they do then either come pick the horse up or make a contract that they will pay for the horse...if not then see if theyd be willing to sell the horse to the BO so the BO can sell her.

xVannaIsLifex 07-19-2012 04:56 PM

My BOs said that if they don't want the horse, then they need to come and sign the papers over. The mother of the boy said that they want to keep her. Although, they continuously give stories of why they can't go to the barn and they just don't add up. There is no contract, from what I know, over boarding the horse. My barn is very quiet and my grandmother, who pays for my horses, is great friends with my BOs and Karen. Everyone understands how the barn works. I'm very sure that the parents were told how things had to be done in order to board there. We we're planning on just selling her whenever for any reason. It was just an idea and would wouldn't do that unless papers were signed that put her in my BOs name. Marilynn is the one who deals with the boarding stuff and she has tried to work out things with the parents but it's a different story every time and no one has shown up for Ming. The boy's next cleaning day is Sunday and today was one of them and he never showed up. Because of that, my grandmother, Karen, and I cleaned the stalls.

Roperchick 07-19-2012 04:59 PM

things can get real sticky when theres no written contract. if the BO is fine with just taking care of the mare then thats that i guess. i personally would be telling them either pay a regular boarding fee to have your horse taken care of, or come pick it up. if they dont then i would be calling the SPCA or animal control. and i would be making a contract or theyre just gonna continue having this family use them.

xVannaIsLifex 07-19-2012 05:01 PM

Marilynn was planning on having them sign her over, clean when they're supposed to, or she's bringing her back. I'd hate to see her go back because I know that she won't get the attention she needs. She's VERY clingy because she's so lonely. I'm just not sure if they originally planned on dumping her at the barn because my barn is a rescue place.

Roperchick 07-19-2012 05:08 PM

okay im confused here.
So the boys family say they want her. theyve helped out at the barn before.
have they been over to see the horse since it was taken to the barn?
or have they been in contact since the horse has been there?

if there was a verbal agreement that the boy needs to clean for his board and he broke that agreement then i would be hauling giving them the choice, with a deadline, either he comes and cleans the next day that he is supposed to be there or the horse will be back at their property that day.

sounds like they want the horse without the work.

xVannaIsLifex 07-19-2012 05:16 PM

I'm confused about all of this to. They want her but haven't been to the barn since she's moved there. It's almost a week since she came. There has been little contact to my BOs since she came. They say when they plan on coming and what time, but never show. Then, they give an excuse that doesn't seem to make sense. If they don't come on the next cleaning day, then I'm pretty sure she's going back. The parents and the boy just aren't making things clear and I think everything seems sketchy.

Roperchick 07-19-2012 05:18 PM

very very sketchy. hope it all works out.

xVannaIsLifex 07-19-2012 05:22 PM

Thank you! I'm just hoping that Ming ends up in good care. She's so under weight. /:

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