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HippieCowgirl 07-20-2012 01:22 AM

How did you get into NH?
I am super curious to see why and how you got into NH. I had been riding about 4 years when I started working(barn chores) for a woman a herd of mustangs and mules. I just wanted a job that would put me around horses, but didn't expect to find something that would change my whole view on the horse world. The lady taught me everything she knew, mostly Parelli(old version), but random bits and pieces of other NH. I went from forcing horses to do what I say, to joining up and having a real relationship and understanding with them.

I now work with abused and neglected horses and we rehabilitate them and use the for mental therapy for abused and neglected kids. There is the magic that happens when the kids connects with the horses. They share a past of being belittled and beaten, but also share a future of being saved and in a better place. Watching the kids work with the horses is just so amazing and I know that this program would not happen and help heal people if it wasn't for NH.

SorrelHorse 07-20-2012 01:33 AM

I don't really believe in the crazy NH "become-your-horses-bestest-friend-foreverrrr" stuff that people sell.

But, I did become involved with Clinton Anderson. I found his groundwork really made horses respect you. I still don't follow blindly, and I believe in taking bits and pieces form many trainers, but I like Clinton because he is very to the point. He doesn't coddle the 1200lb animal nor does he coddle the owners. It's simple, it's easy, and it works.

Saranda 07-20-2012 01:40 AM

I didn't start riding as a child, although I wanted it very much, but, when I started searching for lesson possibilities as an adult, I quickly found also information on NH. Watched a bunch of videos, read a lot of books, and understood that it is really the approach I want to use in communication with horses, and that the "traditional" way of riding and handling horses, in the way it is usually used in lesson barns around here, actually bothers me a lot. So I found one of the three NH barns around here and started taking lessons - firs purely Parelli, but later on I learned independently approaches of many other NH specialists. It's just the way I want to be with horses - it seems right, and I've seen lots of abused horses being helped like this. And I'm not the lovey-dovey type either.

Joe4d 07-20-2012 02:09 AM

I cut through Vermont

countof3 07-25-2012 08:04 PM

I'm just learning about this. Ironically some stuff I just did as a teen with my horse because I didn't know any better for someone to tell me I couldn't communicate with my horse.

Now I'm old and finding myself focusing more on riding technique at the loss of relationship with the horse I lease.

Back up a littlel, I trained dogs - including highly aggressive dogs - from about 1996 through, well current really. I no longer do it as a business but love to help friends out with their dogs. I know how to communicate with them using a variety of things - body language, voice and hand cues as well as tools like correction collars. I don't hurt dogs every but I sure do get their attention right on me and I can fully train a dog in one day. The rest is practice.

So I started looking up NH and it was like "OMG this is perfect". I feel better when I can communicate with an animal at it's level. And then once I get through that I can focus on my technique because if I can't listen to what he's telling me, then how do I know he understands what I'm asking? Same with dogs.

So this is right up my alley but I serously doubt I'll be on the extreme end. I've been known to Bop Chopper for grabbing my butt when I clean his hooves or a little non-painful smack when he bucks because he's upset that I'm riding at feeding time. But again - I do things for attention, not pain.

tbstorm 07-26-2012 01:40 AM

i really just started this year actually :) we follow Johnathon Field who is a little mix of Parelli i believe. But we dont sit around and whisper things to our horses :P they're learning and if i have to reinforce it with a good smack on the shoulder i will. If his butt is facing me when hes going sideways on a fence or hes not respecting me im not going to ask politely. I think some people have the wrong idea of whast natural horsemanship is.

DancingArabian 07-26-2012 08:18 AM

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I got into it when I first got my horse and we were trying to figure each other out. He had been "talking" to me but I wasn't getting it. He was mostly expressing his confusion because he was a lot more green in his laterals than I was led to believe. He also has a strong desire to get the "good boy" so gets frustrated when it wasnt coming. I went with Clinton Anderson because I liked his approach - suits my personality. It established me as his leader and taught me how to recognize when he's being bratty because he's supercharged with energy, he doesn't know what I want or simply doesn't wanna do it.
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ledge 08-03-2012 11:46 PM

Well i'm 34 my mother is 55, she learned that method growing up in the early 70's it wasn't natural or new then it was just the way Forrest Schmidt taught her.

Schmidt a California horse trainer worked with Dorrance and Hunt though.

So I guess its all I know, Treat the horse like its a horse, and no my Horses aren't my "buddies" i am the alpha in the herd. They all love me and i have at least one that would kill for me and one others who would take a kick for me.

nrhareiner 08-03-2012 11:55 PM

NH is nothing more then a name for traning a horse using common sence. Nothing more or less.

What has happened is that there are some realy good marketers out there who could sell ice in winter in Alaska.

Good training is good training. So do not fall for the hype b/c at the end of the day that what they are selling.

Find good trainers be it through DVD or in perons (In person is the best way) and take what you can from each. I have my favorites but more b/c I have watched them since before they where famous working their skills and proving themselves and the way they train. If I am going to pay money for a DVD they better have proven in competition that what they do works.

gypsygirl 08-04-2012 09:42 AM

i do not believe that NH training is just common sense.

i got into NH when i bought my first barely handled horse. i had trained many horses before getting her, but never from 'scratch' so to speak and i just wasnt quite sure where to start. i surfed the internet and stumbled upon clinton anderson. my friend was a member of the no worries club so she let me on her account and i watched a ton of videos.

i like how straight forward he is when working with animals. following his groundwork really helped me look at my horse differently and train her to be very very good =]

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