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FlaglerFarmMom 07-20-2012 04:17 PM

Old OTTB, New to Me,We need help!?
Hello yall, Im new here and I must say that I really am enjoying reading when I can. Anyways here's my(our) situation, my husband raises and hauls cattle for a living and about 3 weeks ago there was a very thin old mare thrown in with a herd headed to market!! The man who they came from is in his 80's and said everything had to go. I was shocked when my husband came home one evening and on the trailer was this bag of bones.Of corse we're keeping her and at home to keep a close eye on her. In these few weeks I have found out that she is ex-broodmare, OTTB, about 20years old w/tatt.lip She was so thin I didnt evenn know her breed!, I had no history.So I use my mother's instinct. She is the sweetest ever, I can do anything to her, feet, face, hair,best of all she loves to just walk in my overgrown lawn,(I'll admit I love of not having to mow the grass too!!):lol: I have her rain rot all gone now and new hairs starting to show!! Her hips no longer dip in, now just flat, I know it will be a LONG process, I have her on Triple Crown Senior 4xday, free hay now, and "lawn service", also been adding half cup veg oil 2xday, her hair is now coming in so shiny!! This is ALL new to me, and her too, in the beginning she was like caring for a really big infant with round the clock feedings, check on, ect. I don't think I slept for the first 3 nights, just running out to the yard!! Just want to know about how long till the hind end will be a 'normal round shape' her hips and thighs have no muscle, but her shoulder and chest are getting nice and 'spongy'. Sorry for the funny terms, Im used to kids and dogs, now getting used to horsey too. Any tips would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks to all in advance! ps I make every meal into mash first, and she slurps it all up,( vet's advice to help digest easier):wink:

JustDressageIt 07-20-2012 04:23 PM

First off - bless you for taking her in! It sounds like she hit the retirement jackpot with you!
- be careful with grass at first; if she's not been on grass or introduced slowly, it can cause problems such as colic or founder
- is she up to date on farrier work, vaccinations or deworming? If not, get in contact with a farrier and vet ASAP :)

Do you have any specific questions?
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rascalboy 07-21-2012 11:10 AM

Yes, I'd second the farrier idea. Most horses need the farrier every 4-6 weeks. I'd suggest not putting shoes on her, just because it's more expensive and if she's lasted this long without shoes, she's probably fine without them.
If you aren't sure about horse's hooves, post some photos for us before AND after the trim, so we can let you know if you have a good farrier or not.
I'd also think about getting her teeth floated. If you're having the vet out for some reason, ask them to check. If not, she needs to have them checked with in the next six months.
Have you dewormed her yet? I'd personally suggest doing a round of ivermectin wormer first, and then next month break out the big guns. (Panacur or something, that treats EVERYTHING lol). If she's really wormy, you can cause colic by killing all the worms at once. Ivermectin doesn't kill every species so you should be good to start with that. Just make sure you know how much she weighs (you can buy weight tape or just Google how to calculate horse's weight with some basic measurements) when you dose the wormer. ( etc). If you ever want a supplement, check out All of their products are pretty good quality and you're safer buying stuff from there than at other places if you don't know exactly what you're doing.
I'd also suggest putting her on MSM. It's an anti-inflammatory (super cheap, like $6 for 45 days), and helps with arthritis/stiffness/swelling in most horses. Get the 10,000mg dose.

FlaglerFarmMom 07-21-2012 02:36 PM

Id like to thank ya'll for taking time to give me the info. I also forgot to mention that for quite a few years I worked for a vet who is now retired in practice, but his knowkedge is not!! : ) I have wormed her in first week with general wormer (Strongid, I believe he used) followed by Zimectrin Gold aftr 2 weeks. So I know its not the worms at this point just needing to build back to health. Also her feet are good, and until he comes out to do a full dental is why she only gets mash meals. I will post pics as soon as I can figure out how to. Thanks Again.!!Please keep the advice comin especially on how to build up backside.

Left Hand Percherons 07-21-2012 03:37 PM

For the fun part, try to figure out who she is.
Blot dry the tattoo. in dim light shine a light on it and see what you can make out. TB tattoos are letter followed by 5 numbers. If there are only 4, than she's older than 25. If the letter is S, she was born in 89, T is 90,U is 91... The is a free service that will take your information and try to match it with her discription. If you can figure out who she is, than you can get her racing record if she ever ran.
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