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jumptothesky 07-21-2012 03:12 AM

Tips on sitting trot?
Hiya guys! I'm 13 and last summer I fell off my 16 hand extremely scatty horse. My mum is the yard manager so I have been around horses all my life and I'm quite a experienced rider. But when I fell off this time I broke my hip quite badly and was in a wheelchair for about 3-4 months. It's been a year now and I've haven't lost my confidence, but I'm taking things slowly so I started off with walking then rising trott but now I'm on sitting trott I just cannot seen to do it anymore! An that was all going fine I bounce around in the saddle and however many times my mum helps me I just can't. I'm really getting upset about it because I used to compete in quite high rank competitions and I know I won't get straight back into those but I think I got my hopes up too soon! Horses and ridIng are my whole life and I give up all my free time to do anything around the yard to help out mum and take are of my own horses. I would be really greatfull if anyone has any tips or been through the same thing? Please help! Thank you! - jumptothesky
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Back2Horseback 07-21-2012 05:51 AM

Hi Jump!

Do you feel very tense while in the saddle? I bet you are bracing and don't even realize, as prior to your accident, you probably sat the trot without even a thought due to no stress in your body/mind...after an awful fall, with a long and no doubt painful recovery, I bet you have a lot of fear (I WOULD!)

So you can't expect it to feel like it used to...yet!...But no doubt your mom has also explained, it WILL COME BACK. Try not to focus SO HARD and just relax and "go" with it. After not riding for 15 YEARS, (my story) it took me about six to eight hours in the saddle and practicing ONLY WALK AND TROT, alternating between rising and sitting trot...sitting was the hardest, though controlling the horse's speed at the gait was one of the best methods for dealing with it, keeping her at a nice, slow, easy trot until I would establish a rhythm, and then I kept thinking, "breathe, stay loose, breathe, stay loose", etc...

Another thing that might help you as you are surely coping with a lot of residual fear, is maybe having your mom (she gives you your lessons, right?) put your horse on a lunge line and ride in a round pen of you have access to one, and that easy, you can just focus on your body, and relaxing into your horse's movement, and not worry even about having to steer, my case my trainer had me close my eyes while on the lunge to refocus on the rhythm of the horse, but you should get it much faster and with less effort than I did as you've only been out of riding a very short time (& I REALLY THINK you are likely bracing due to fear and preparing to fall again, even though you are very unlikely to do so!). If you are tightly bracing all of your muscles, especially your inured hip & your back, you will bounce a TON while during the trot.

I wager a bet that over your next few rides, you will have this handled! Remember that you are fine and are not likely to fall/be thrown again, and that you love to ride, that you are safe, and just TRY and move with your horse!

I wish you so much luck! What you are going through is SO NORMAL, just remember that, and that you CAN sit the trot, you've done it all your life, and soon you will do it again! :0) ~ B2H :0)
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bsms 07-21-2012 09:38 AM

I'd guess your hip injury has resulted in stiffness in your lower back and hip. If so, it can take a LONG time to fully work out. In my 50s, my back/hip still has stiffness after 4 years. Happily, at your age, things get better much faster.

You may just need to spend a lot of time bouncing before your body loosens up enough to accept the motion.

countof3 07-21-2012 07:12 PM

I think the advice to take your time and work through any healing is spot on.

For me it's a combination of keeping the horse at a slow trot and getting my body down in the saddle and while keeping my back straight, I need to loosen my muscles so I go with the motion and not fight it.

As soon as it become uncomfortable I know he's speeding up and I just bump the reigns a little to slow him down, or he responds to "easy". Once he stays at that slow trot he will stick there. I also have to make sure I'm not sitting forward, that will speed his gait up.

You'll get there, bravo for getting back up after such an injury!

jumptothesky 07-22-2012 07:11 AM

Thank you for all the lovely compliments an long helpful replys! They are really helping! I had a lesson yesterday and my mum put me in a lunge line and that helped loads and I feel like I've really improved! Ive also been doing a slow trot and keeping my back straight and that takes away some of the pain. My mum says I need to take it slow but it feels like its going to take FOREVER! :( I m so looking forward to getting back to 'normal' I've been riding since I was 2 so this is a big shock for me :P im so happy to be back in the saddle though! As for instructors my mum teaches me most of the time but sometimes my older sister does and sometimes I just like playing around and testing different things out that helps me a lot! I do have an eventer come in every month though as I save my pocket money and me and my mum go halves! :) thank you for all your replys I'll keep you all posted! :)
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Back2Horseback 07-22-2012 08:08 AM

Oh! So nice to hear that some of what all of us have offered has been a bit helpful. It sounds like you have a truly awesome mom and sis! You are a lucky person, I'll tell ya that much! :0)
Keep it up...if your DOCTOR says it's ok, maybe try some Motrin or ither anti-inflamatory over the counter pain med to decrease your stiffness before you ride so as to not have to feel so much physical soreness but still feel enough to keep you from overworking any areas which are still healing.

You're gonna keep doing great! Keep up the good/HARD WORK! (hugs!)
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