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FutureVetGirl 08-12-2008 05:00 PM

Needing a Web Designer or Photoshopper? FREE.
I can do both. Here are the things I can do with photoshop:

1. Any kind of reference, for stallions, geldings, mares, etc
2. Signatures
3. Any kind of picture or layout that you might want
4. Sketching something using it
5. Almost anything you might want me to do.
6. Make people look thinner, prettier, etc
7. Any basic photoshop stuff you might want.

And I can do almost anything with web design. I look up stuff, and gradually learn how to do it. It might take me a month to finish something, but I eventually finish it.

This is just something to do so that when I'm online, I'm not just surfing around this place, trying to find something to reply to or something to put up. :P

I can put up some examples if you want. A few of the examples are on:

Others are in various places all over my computer. Just let me know if you want something done!!!

amandaandeggo 08-18-2008 12:44 AM

go wild . . . this is Eggo . . . L'eggo My Eggo . . .

FutureVetGirl 08-21-2008 03:36 PM

OK... what is it that you want me to make with them? A siggy? A picture? What?

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