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Janna 07-24-2012 09:14 AM

byebye biscuit .
So I don't know if anyone remembers when I posted about this Guy in the training thread. spoiled/aggressive and major dominance issues in the herd.
he will be leaving today, totally different horse.
Greets you in the pasture to be caught, pick up all 4 feet fine, doesn't try to kill you when you ask him to move. Pretty much seems to enjoy his work. Also great with the other horses. Stallions/Mares/geldings. Been out with them all, he's no longer the dominant one and doesn't seem to be trying to be.
I'm totally sure I've got him where he needs to be. can take him out on trails or road and he's good. w/t/c nice.

So any further problem once he leaves I think will all be person error. my friends kid has rode him, did good. And was real patient.
Since I never posted a pic before....

grounds yuck... It's been raining a lot.,

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