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FSM 07-24-2012 07:05 PM

Breeding for Barrel Racing
Hi all,

I have a question...if you breed a smallish (15 h), cowey mare to a big, powerful barrel racing stud, could you get a nice prospect for barrel racing? I was thinking the mare would give nice turns, and the stud would give the size or just the power that a really good barrel horse needs..Any comments, opinions? All are welcome!!
Thank you!

CLaPorte432 07-24-2012 07:09 PM

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You could breed the 1 best barrel horses in the world...and you could get a lousy barrel horse.

Idealy, you breed the best of the best, sometimes it works...sometimes it doesnt.

There are many really great speed/cow bred horses out there. Assuming both mare and stallion are high quality and should be could end up with a nice prospect. Then again, you could end up with a less then average horse.
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