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Mitashia 07-24-2012 08:39 PM

Horse Artwork Critiques Wanted
Hey there! Just wanting some helpful critique on my artwork. Tips, hints, anything's helpful (especially if it is on shading). :)

^ Duke, done quite awhile ago but one of my favorites....
^ This wasn't done too long after the previous horse, I never quite completed it, and I can see some faults I made, but still'd like tips. ;)

I'll add a few more later, until then go ahead and critique away! :D

nikelodeon79 08-10-2012 05:13 PM

You have a really great start. I love the liveliness you're able to convey in your artwork.

What I would recommend is to start working on proportions. For example, on the first drawing, the body on the horse is a bit long when compared to the other features, and on the second the legs seem a bit out of proportion. Some artists use a "grid" system to their proportions spot on but it was always too finnicky for me. I simply pick a feature I draw well (ears, nose, hooves, etc.) and then use that to judge whether the rest of my drawing is in proportion.

So, say you choose an ear as what you're going to base your proportion off of. You would look at your photograph and measure that the horse's nose is approximately three and a half ear-length's long. Draw your ear on your sketch, then make sure that when you draw the nose, it's about 3 and a half ear lengths long. (I hope I'm making sense!)

Also, I would recommend working on shading to create more of a "3-D effect." Generally, darker shading along the outer edges will help the horse sort of "pop" off the paper and appear more realistic. :)

Finally, definitely get a sketchbook... your artwork is more than just "doodles" and deserves clean paper without distracting notebook lines.

Really, really nice job!

lilruffian 08-10-2012 05:24 PM

You've got a great start, especially on the outlines.
The best thing you can do is study the horse's conformation and as nikelodeon79 said, learn their "proportion spots".
I like the 2nd of your drawings best. The only thing i note with his structure is that his legs are a tad long and his cannons are sort of bowed in. They should run a bit staighter through the fetlock.
Pasterns are a bit thick as well
As for detailing and shading, again i would study a horse's muscles. They all have specific lines, through their neck, shoulders and hindquarters.
As for the face, again, there are tiny details you could add that seem small but make a huge difference in your drawings. You have one hollow above the eye, which is a great start ;)
Keep practicing, above all!
Good work so far

eclipseranch 08-10-2012 06:38 PM

great is much more difficult to draw in proportion with something in motion
just a suggestion..get a drawing pad..the different type paper will also change the appearance quite dramatically

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