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o0hawaiigirl0o 08-13-2008 01:51 AM

Hawaii's Journal
Heya, I'm Hawaii. -waves- :) At the moment I have one horse and she is the love of my life. I've owned her for a little over two months. She's a chestnut sabino grade QH mare, 15hh and 16 years old. We do dressage together, jump a little bit and wander around the property. ;) I'll mainly be logging about the time we spend together.

To pay of part of her board, I work at the barn three days a week for about four hours a day. I groom and tack up lesson horses, clean stalls, fill waters, turn out and feed dinner. We're a lesson and training barn. There are only a few boarders, the rest are schooling ponies. We have... 16 horses here at the moment. It's hard work, but I love it.

August 18, 2008, Tuesday
I wish we had someone out there taking pics of us riding. I really want to see how good we look. :P
Anyways, got to the barn around 2pm. Maureen and Louise were tacking up, they headed out a bit before me. I groomed and tacked up Miss T and went to join them in the front field. It's icky dusty out there, but today was sunny with not a lot of wind, so it wasn't too bad at all. We basically worked on (or at least tried) all the new things we learned after our mini boot camp training with Sylvia. The shoulder-ins were annoying me at first because I just couldn't get it on the right rein. I had to really think it through and then we got some nice ones. I worked on balancing her in my hands, so that both reins were equal instead of the left side being more heavy, and also keeping her shoulders right. It was beautiful! I think we even got a tiny bit of foam! :D Ze canter was lufferly, too. Very nice and balanced. Downward transition to trot was okay, but could be better. I need to collect her a little more and not let her drop into a jolty trot.
I helped Maureen check to see if Pride was getting the right lead for her. They headed back in a bit after that, but we kept on working. I don't know how long I rode, but it was at least an hour. Ha, I love Mondays and Tuesdays. They're so relaxing. To cool off we went around like one fourth of the racetrack, went through the formerly scary shed with some hesitation, then around the back of the bleachers. We waited in the shade while Maureen and Louise ran the horses out to the pasture because I didn't want to distract the horses.

Rinsed off the pony and let her graze while I cleaned her water and stall. Chatted a bit then hand grazed her at "the jackpot" we found yesterday behind the rodeo arena. Only had a short while to do that though. She really enjoys it, especially since there's like no grass in the pasture. I walked her out to the pasture and she was being a complete sweetheart. Ah... she's so perfect. <3 So yeah, it was a beautifully relaxing day and ride. I love my pony!

So tommorow, heading earlier to the barn to ride, then working after that. I hope the weather stays good! Maybe we'll see how the rodeo arena footing is. They're some barrels set up in there.... Hm... ;)

o0hawaiigirl0o 08-16-2008 12:04 AM

August 13, 2008, Wednesday
-tries to remember- Rode Miss T for a quick half hourish ride out on the front field. It was a good workout actually! I worked mainly in trot. The canter could have used more work, but I didn't have time to focus on that. About halfway through I noticed she was too heavy in my left hand, so we worked on correcting that.

August 14, 2008, Thursday
Lesson day! Loki decided to teach us in the rodeo arena and guess what? No tender feet for my girl! :) She was going great on the cinder footing. We did spiraling circles, lengthing the trot, and leg yeilding into a canter. It was a good back to the basics lesson. Loki could see the improvement Sylvia made with Miss Take, which was very nice. ;) It was a good reminder on lengthing the trot, because we hadn't done that in a while. Oh and then I need to remember not to stiffen the back of my neck.
I ran out the horses to the pasture as usual. There was Griffin, Aslan, Gabby and Miss Take. But they decided to be stupid buttheads and went the completely wrong way, so that they were on the other side of the fence of the pasture. Of course the only one who would let me catch her was my girl. So I took her the right way into the pasture then went to get the others. Kawena came with and I also took some cobes in a bucket to get their attention. It worked, thankfully. -sigh- Horses sometimes... I mean they've never gone back there before. They KNOW the way to the pasture, they've only done it every day for almost a year. Gah. I'm glad it ended nicely.

August 15, 2007, Friday
Since Miss Take went so well in the rodeo arena yesterday, I rode her in there again. Only a few times did she feel ouchy, so I guess it's back to the grass again tomorrow. So first thing, I went to make sure she was okay with the barrels being set up, as someone left them in the barrel pattern. She was perfect, so we went to work. Did our new routine of shoulder-ins and leg yeilding. We did a bunch of trot to canter and vice versa transitions on both reins. I had a little trouble on both sides, but all I needed to do was adjust her shoulders a bit. We picked up the wrong lead a few times going to the right, but I tried not to stress about it and instead correct it without rushing. After that, we tried some spiraling circlesm which wasn't too good until the end. Then I threw in some lengthing trot and got some good ones. Did a little of trot to walk and vice versa transitions, then cooled off and called it a day. My little superstar was the bomb! And we even got foam today. :D
The horses decided to throw in their little stunt they did yesterday when we let them out. I found out who the trouble maker is. griffin. xP The turdface. I have no idea why he wants to go back there, but gabby and Aslan followed him like zombies (no offense to them xD), while the "older" herd horses went the right way. And Miss Take stood in the middle not knowing who to follow. Silly. -shakes head- But Loki was able to chase them off in the right direction before they went too off track. Yay. So it wasn't as disasterous as yesterday. And now that I know who started it all, maybe we can control the problem.

o0hawaiigirl0o 08-31-2008 03:25 AM

Ha. I'm so bad at this. :P

August 29, 2008, Friday
I GOT BUCKED OFF! :)Yeah, so got there, and Loki said that I could ride a different horse for my lesson. So we decided on Sherman/Tank on the lungeline so that we could work on my seat. He was acting up a little, like randomly deciding to trot straight instead of on the circle, but that was about it. We were maybe half way into the lesson and he does this little hop, which I guess unbalances me a bit, then lets out a full bown buk. So I go flying in the air and gravity takes control and I fall all 16 hands back to the cinder/dirt ground, miracleously(sp?) missing the poles and jumping standards. I had not reins since it was a lunge lesson and and feet effortlessly left both of my stirrups. I never realized how hard the ground is. o_0 xD So I just laid there to check if I could breathe (which I could, the breath didn't get knocked out of me) and evetually got up with Loki's help. I like landed on my backside/upper butt and skidded a little, so my right arm was scarped up. On went the icepacks, then Loki cleaned up my scrapes. Frank tossed his western gear on Sherman and worked his sorry little butt off. One fit of bucking and the "wild beast" was tamed. :D The I (painfully) got back on to walk around and cool of Shermie. He's in no way an evil horse. We figured that he's just started going back into work and supposedly it's the 7th ride that green horses act up on. :P So the kid was just sore and rebelious. I'm kinda glad it was me and not one of the little kids. Man... that would have been awful. Man, I love my helmet. It was my first fall in this helmet and nothing, not even a scratch when I banged my head to the ground. So yeah. It wasn't really scary, but I think I do have a little fear in me. However, I feel more challenged than scared. Like i want to ride Sherman again and do well on him. He really is a sweet horse and I know he isn't a killer or anything close to that.
That was my exciting day. Got bucked off for the first time. And hopefully it won't happen again because pain is no fun at all. ;)

August 30, 2008, Saturday
Loki said I should ride today, so that my hips could get moving/exercised. So I went for an hour long walk with Miss T. There was a rodeo today, so tons of trailers and horses. At the end of my ride, I saw three girls who used to ride with Loki, all rodeo kids. So we talked and walked around the racetrack then I took them to see Tessie. That was fun. :) Took care of Miss T and all, then went to watch the rodeo. I took tons of pics. Overall, it was a great day! I love my pony. <3

I shall now post some pics of her. They're from non recent to recent.
^Our first horse show. =)
^showing off her new halter.
^ in the pasture
^prettay mane
^Nom, grass!
^ droopy lip, lol

Pinto Pony 08-31-2008 04:34 AM

Yeouch! Glad you are ok and back in the saddle.

o0hawaiigirl0o 09-02-2008 02:51 AM

Nothing can take me out of it! Except for that buck, that is. xP Thanks for reading this, Jaime. :)

September 1, 2008, Monday
Happy Labor Day USers! ;) Got to the barn a bit after 2:30pm and no one was there. I think I just missed Frank cuz all the ponies were eating dinner. So I was slightly nervous, but not too much because I adore being at the barn alone. With my ouchies it was awful walking up the hill to the pasture, but I made it! :) So went to get Miss T who didn't want to come when I called. I need to learn how to whistle, me thinks. But she neighed to me!!! For the first time ever! I love her tons. <3 So brought her in, gave her some feed that I made up. I noticed some of the stalls weren't clean, so I filled the waters and cleaned the stalls. Then I sat in Miss T's stall and wrote while she ate. We finished at about the same time and I got her beautifully groomed. Tacked up and got the lunging stuff. And Tank was being mean to her when we were going out... I think it's because she was eyeing his food though. Oh that reminds me, the Blond tried to kick Miss Take when we were coming in from the pasture. x_x I think she missed, but I'm not 100% sure because I was on the other side. So I hope my girl is okay. I checked her side and stuff and there was no swelling or hoofmark.

Anyways, we lunged about five min each side in trot, then the same for canter, with more breaks in between. Her walk voice command is getting super. And her whoas on the right rein were super good! :D Oh and she got the correct canter leads, too. Then I hopped on her (ouch) and walked her around the track to cool off. I've been getting on and off her on the right side lately because it's been easier and it hasn't fazed her at all. Approaching the barn, she kept staring at something like she wanted to spook, but I have no idea what she was looking at... I walked her back to the pasture while my dad drove up with my grandpa. I was seeing if she'd follow me and she kinda started walking away when I was doing the gate. She got distracted by the bathtub water trough, but was too scared to drink from it, silly girl. Then my dad wanted my grandpa to see her, so I walked to get her all the while hoping that she wouldn't run away from me. I didn't want to rush at her so I just said whoa and wonder of wonders, she stopped! She's good at that. xD So I took her over to my dad and granpa and they petted her and commented on her heart shaped spot. :) I think we're really beginning to develop a real bond. It's so neat, I've never bonded with a horse like this before.

I'm healing pretty quickly. It usually still hurts to walk, especially on an incline and anything involving bending is painful. However, the pain is starting to decrease and I may attempt to do some posting trot tomorrow. Yay!

o0hawaiigirl0o 09-07-2008 03:41 AM

Wow, one week and no logging. -shakes head- I thought I'd introduce you to people now since their names will pop up often.
It'll be like this: Name - what I might refer to them as - extra info Yay? :) Or just their name and extra info because yeah. Lost my train of thought... Onto the people I work with! <3

Loki - BO/trainer/instructor - the best
Frank - Loki's husband - also our trailering guy and a horse trainer
Sylvia - trainer/instructor - kinda on hiatus, but slowly starting to teach again
Mark - Sylvia's husband - rides occationally, good rider
Tiffany - Sylvia and Mark's baby daughter
Maureen - works at the barn like mwah
Pam - see above
Louise - see above, although she's like in 7th or 8th grade
Kawena - one of the most awesomenest 8 years olds ever, takes lessons and helps out
Debbie - owner of Pie and Pride

I think that's all for now... yes. Now onto the log! Charrrge! (this is gonna be a long post)

August 2, 2008, Tuesday
I trotted! And even sat the trot too, though I was hurting a bit the whole time. I dunno, I kinda don't feel the pain when I'm concentrating... Anyways, Miss T was the best! She was very light in my hands compared to how she's been lately (I think that's from the lunging with side reins) and we had an amazing ride. At the end of our ride we did flawless loops. :D

August 3, 2008, Wednesday
I can't remember what I did for riding on this day... Either we trotted both ways around the racetrack doing leg yielding then worked on the grass or just rode on the grass and used trotting poles. :P I want to get us back into jumping soonish. We need to build confidence.
Work as usual. ;)

August 4, 2008, Thursday
Had my lesson in the rodeo arena. Loki showed us how to do some good bending exercises in the walk. Then we trotted and talked about the upcoming shows. I'm going to "try" for the February show again. Loki said we could probably show 1st level, but we should stick with Training level for now. Loki had me cross my stirrups(put them up) and we did killer stirrupless work. We did lengthing stride which meant that I had to post. Man, that's hard when you have a huge trot. Plus, I don't think I've ever really done posting without stirrups before. It was a good workout. I learned how to change my legs when asking for a change of bend instead of relying on my hands. And we did some bending work on a circle, I'd bend to the inside, then switch to the outside and then back again while staying on the circle. It was a great lesson.

NEW PONIES! Three new horses are here for the week. They came around 4pm. All the way from Cali, they flew in. They are all beautiful and their owner, Jane is very nice.
Paddy, mare, 26
Ruby Two, mare, 16, QH/Morgan cross
True, gelding, Paint, youngest

August 5, 2008, Friday
Had an awful ride on Miss Take. Went out to ride with Pam, who was on Pie. We went into the rodeo arena. I just worked on what I learned in my lesson. Pam had Pie going so nicely! :D She headed back and I decided to stay and work longer since we hadn't even cantered yet. We did a little cnatering and then ran into our problem. I would trot on a right rein circle, then switch my legs (new outside leg back, new inside leg forward) and ask for the left bend while still keeping the circle. I did this on both reins. But whenever we switched bends she would go off the circle in the other direction, even if I kept my outside leg pressed on her side. So we fought for a time then I just stopped because we were both getting too worked up. We did what i was trying to do in the trot at a halt. I'd switch my legs and bend her, then straighten, then bend the other way. Then we did it in the walk. Then we went back into trot and had the same fustrating experiance. I was getting mad at my body and at her, and she was getting fustrated and confused with me. So I asked for less, not so extreme, and we did a tiny bit better. I ended on that. I don't know why we couldn't do it right! It was the same exact thing we worked on in the lesson and it was awful and ugly. I don't think it was her. She was definitely trying to do what she thought I wanted, but it wasn't the right response. I don't like my body. I think I must have been doing something very wrong with my body that was sending her to wrong signals. I can't figure it out. Ugh! Riding is so hard sometimes! I just hate that my body doesn't do what I want it to. x_x I felt all guilty after my ride, but my horse still, somehow, loves me. Phew...

Jane and her youngest daughter came out to see their horses. Her daughter rode Paddy (so cute!) and she took Rudy out for a walk with her. Which in turn made True go a bit nuts in his stall, so Frank put him in out of the outside stalls so he wouldn't kick the barn down. xD I watched Frank train Sherman again. I love watching him work with a horse. Frank started working with Sherman starting Tuesday and has done it every day since. I think it's just what Sherman needs. :)

August 6, 2008, Saturday
I decided that after yesterday, what me and Miss Take needed was a back to the basics ride. We went into the rodeo arena to ride. Didn't do anything fancy at the walk, just tried to get her forward and on the bit. We trotted and did different sized circles and changed the rein a bunch. Went back to walk and did a little bit of leg yielding before moving up to trot and doing the same. For canter we used the whole arena, but did three small circles on each long side. She was a superstar! I remember when I first started riding her, we'd always fall back into a trot when we got off the circle. We've gotten so far since then. After the canterwork, I wasn't completely happy with our downward transition to trot, so we did a couple more transitions. We worked in trot after that and lengthed stride on the long sides of the arena and across the diagonal. Wow, she rocks at that now when she barely knew it before. She's come so far. We ended with attempting to neck rein in trot. It went very well! I had to aid her with my leg and overexagerate a bit, but we could do pretty good small and large circles. Yay, western pony! :D Walked around to cool off then headed back in. It was a fabulous ride altogether.

I gave her a real bath with shampoo and cleaned my brushes and grooming tote while she grazed. Then I went out to hand graze her so she could finish drying off. Loki was having Frank fix the hill paddock fence so we can use it for next week, so I just put Miss T in her stall before I left. We had cuddle time, too. <3

Next week Loki is going to be "gone" until Friday because she has to rest. She's having a minor sugery done on Monday. Frank, Sylvia, Pam, Maureen and I are taking care of the barn duties for her. I'm closing the barn on my work days annnnnd.... MAKING UP FEEDS! I can't wait. I've never really done it before, but I adore scooping feeds and such. I'm so happy! Plus, it's great to feel trusted considering that the people doing the same thing as me are in their thirties or older. So yeah, it's cool that Loki trusts me to be responsible. Then I can feel like I'm running the barn, fun! I'll have to figure out riding though since anyone younger than 18 can only ride when someone 18 or older is present.
Anyhow, she wants to put Griffin, Gabby and Miss Take in the hill paddock since they're the only horses that need to come in from pasture. That way it's easier for us to get them in and out. She's prolly going to try and stick the Blond and Tessa in there with them, too. Then the rest of the herd stays in thier pasture while Pie and Pride can be in the road pasture.

The newbies (a.k.a. Paddy, Ruby, and True) are settling in nicely. They rarely neigh/scream. They're a little skittish when you go into their stall to clean or fill their water. However, I think they're making great progress compared to other horses.

o0hawaiigirl0o 09-09-2008 04:25 AM

August 8, 2008
My pony ish clean! -dances- But fuzzy. x_x Seriously. She almost has her winter coat. I was like weirded out, but Pam mentioned the shortening days and that must be it. But why my pony and not the others? xD I'm already missing her summer sheen. Mainly it's her neck, chest and some belly that's fuzzy.
Anyhow, I went and rode with Maureen in the rodeo arena. We mainly worked on shoulder ins. They were not too consistant in posting trot, but once I sat they really improved. Did some bending in walk and when I went back to trot she was in a GORGEOUS frame. It was heavenly. So then we worked on our canter, which was fab. She feels so schooled compared to the motorcycle/running/unbalanced canter we used to do. It's super! Worked a tiny bit on our downward transition on the right lead, then went back to trot and I gave away my reins. We did more western work. Our circles on the left rein sucks, she almost banged me into the wall a couple times. So I used more leg and seat and we fixed that. ;) But we almost had a western jog and headset going on. Whoohoo! lol. I can see her being a WP girl on some days, but not a gaming horse. I think she's do okayish on like barrels and poles, but it would mess with her head too much. She could be an alright cowboy horse, but not with me. xD

We went for a cool off walk around the racetrack with Maureen. She was riding Pride as usual. If he were her horse, they'd be perfect. But one can only dream...

Showered off the girly and found out that she loved nectarines! Yay! Now she eats apples, carrots, grapes, strawberries, and nectarines. Is that even how you spell it? :P She doesn't like sugar cubes, bananas, popcicles, granola bars, or chips. I want to try watermelon and pears next. Kay, so apparently Loki put Pie and Pride with the Blond and Contessa and they get along fine. So yeah. I think Blond like the socialization. And Contessa still barges through the fence (the electric one that's not on) to go out of the pasture or to visit with Aslan. She's naughty and it scares me a bit. I don't want her getting hurt...

I took out Miss T when Maureen took out Gabby and Griffy. Gabby tried to eskapeh out the gate. xP Bad mommy horse. -_- Then we tried to close the electric fence. Then Maureen got zapped. Then we closed it. xD I filled their water and took pics and my camera decided to die on me. But I got photos of Gabby in which she actually looks pregnant! The day was just so photogenic. I gotta try tomorrow with fresh batteries because Contessa's legs are black now!

o0hawaiigirl0o 09-09-2008 11:35 PM

I just realized I'm still typing August instead of September. Oops! I would edit all my posts, but this forum is odd and doesn't let your edit old posts... weird...

[b]September 9, 2008[b]
Miss Take loves pears! She's such a healthy girl. xD Our ride went well. :) We rode same place as yesterday, with Maureen again. Let's see... We did lotsa bending in walk, which really helps to prepare her for trot. Then we did serpentines in the trot with stretchy circles whenever her jaw tightened. My right knee has been feeling tight lately, so I did trot work without stirrups. Then put them a hole down and went into canter. I tried to do flying lead prep, which is something I want the both of us to learn eventually. So I basically do a figure eight, trot in the middle, switch bends, and pick up the canter, and repeat. She kept throwing up her head when I asked for the left lead canter, she would not go on the bit on the right lead, and our transitions were not as good as they could have been. So I decided to work more on the canter and not the whole figure eight thing. We did a smallish circle to help with the downward transition, which greatly helped. She stopped throwing up her head and she got a bit better on the right rein. Yay! I wanted to do more, but we had been out for a while, so I decided to call it a day. When we cooled off I got the idea to try a turn on the haunches. Wait... let me see what it's called... No, a turn on the forehand. She did fabulous! I think it's because that's what we do when we open and close gates. However, I think I need to adjust my leg aid a bit so that she doesn't get it confused with the leg yield.

I'm going to turn out the three newbies and run them around a bit tomorrow for their owner, Jane, because she can't come by. She's even going to pay me! I told her I could just do it for her, but she said that she'd pay me. :) It won't be much, but you know how easily money is spent when you're a horse person. Just this morning I was trying to figure out the cost of buying some saddle stuff.

Took pics of Tessie, Blond, Pie and Pride today! I'll have to get around to posting pics soon.

o0hawaiigirl0o 09-11-2008 02:52 AM

September 10, 2008, Wednesday
Now I know how it is to run your own barn! It's hard work, but totally worth it. :)
I got there and Sylvia was finishing up with Griffin. I filled waters and turned out Pride and Pie. Groomed my girl and free lunged her. Took pics of her! Hopefully some came out good. She did good. We're a little rusty on free lunging, but it went well. I decided to hop on her tackless to see what she'd do (not the smartest idea, lol). I grabbed my helmet, then practiced my bareback mount from the ground. Ew. I need more practice. I've heard that it's possible for people as short of me (I'm just shy of 5'2") to get on a 16hh horse, so I have to be able to get on my 15hh horse without so much scrambling around... I know! I'll put springs on the bottom of my paddock boots! Anyways, we walked around, then tried trot. Haha, my steering was so bad! Now I really give those NH people and awesome trainers credit for riding around with nothing and just using their seat to steer. Lol, we must have looked awful, but it was fun, since I trust Miss Take so much that I knew nothing bad was going to happen.

Showered her off, then measured her girth size with both of the saddles I'm planning to buy. Before riding her I measured the dressage saddle pad, stirrup irons, stirrup leathers, and a dressage whip. I'm planning to buy those sooner or later. I was gonna estimate the lungeline length, but I got lazy, plus I don't know how to tie it up correctly. Sunscreened her, then put her back in her stall.

And work began! I turned out the Blond and Tessie and put TickTock in their stall. Turned out Griffin and Gabby then came back for Miss Take. Put the newbies in the small paddock and ran them around for about 10-15 minutes. They were already breathing hard by then so I stopped. Ruby really knows her lunging skills. True was full of beans. xD And I didn't chase Paddy around much since she moves a little like a stiff old lady. xD I figured some trot and a little canter was good enough for her. I think her name might actually be Patty. Dunno. -shrug- I left the newbies in there for like 20-30 minutes while I cleaned all the stalls and made up their dinner feeds. It was so cute. Ruby and Paddy did a lot of grooming each other, then Ruby and True gave each other butt scratches. True was trying to make friends with TickTock, too. Then I put them back in their stalls. I had an easy time of catching them since I had brought a carrot specially for them. :) I come prepared! Lol.

Then I let the drafts out of their stalls and chased them into the small paddock and let them play around while I made up Thursday morning feeds. I wanted to run them around, but I didn't think I'd have the time to. From what I heard though, they ran around a bit. I loved making the feeds. It's so orderly! The only thing that sucked (only a little) was that I had to subsitute complete with hay cubes. Hopefully we'll get complete for tomorrow. Then I fed dinner to the drafts and TickTock. Filled waters again, cleaned Gabriel's stalls because he just HAD to poop again, then I was done! I had kinda been rushing which somewhat ruined my first feed making experiance. But I could have had the time to take pics of the newbies. :( -sigh- I really wanted nice pics of them, but whatevs... So I just relaxed and watched the cats for 15 minutes. It was so relaxing... It made all the busy-ness, hard work, and rushiness worth it. <3 I want a barn.

o0hawaiigirl0o 09-12-2008 02:20 AM

September 11, 2008, Thursday
Sylvia was finished with Griffin when I came by and she was filling his and Gabby's waters. She also did the Blond's for me, which was awesome. She asked if I could get Easy for her, since she had to go since Mark needed the car and she had a lesson at 3:30pm. So I filled the rest of the waters then trekked out to the pasture and since no one came when I called (either I need to perfect my imitation of Loki's call, or I need to be louder) I had to walk all the way out to get her. Thankfully she catches easily. Then we walked back to the barn and she got to eat lunch. ;)

I groomed Miss T and went for a bareback ride with only a halter. I didn't even bother to tie up the rope as reins since I figured we could work on our neck reining. Anyways, it turned out to be more than just a stroll. :) We just went around the racetrack. Her trot was way fast and bouncy. Ouch. Finally she calmed down and even started to lower her head. We worked on her slowing and from trot to walk off of my seat. She wasn't paying attention at all and/or I must have sucked because at first I got no response at all. I got fustrated, then calmed down and tried again with reinforcement by adding pressure from the rope. It clicked and we improved. Then we cantered! It was fun. :D Went back to walk with voice commands. Tried the right rein and she would not pick up the correct lead. Tried again and again until we got it, then cooled off. I brought her to a patch of grass but she didn't want to eat, so I sat backwards on her and walked for a bit to see how it felt, but I couldn't steer so I turned around again and we went back in.

I wasn't sure if Griffin had been ponied before, but I ponied him off of Miss Take and took them out to the pasture. Both were great! Miss Take is my superawesome ponying horse. xD I had to put them in the regular pasture since now they're not letting us use the hill paddock. I left Gabby in so she could eat and turned out Blond, Tessa, Pie, and Pride. Kawena came by thinking that she still had her lesson so I put her to work. I guess Loki forgot to tell them... Cleaned stalls, put Roxy into her outside stalls, then finally took out Gabby. Looks like Pride has made friends with Griffin across the fence! I heard tons of griffin neighing, then lots of squeals when I was cleaning, so I guess they introduced themselves. I felt bad when Griffin headed off with Gabby and all Pride could do was watch. He'd fit in great with the herd. Though Blond has taken a slight liking to him, so that's nice.

Made dinners and fed. Filled waters again. Made up feeds for tomorrow morning, again subsituting complete with cubes. Cleaned up the feed room a little by fixing up the hay and folding the mountain of empty feed bags. Wrote a note to Loki on the barn. Filled Ruby's water. Cleaned two stalls (Gabe pooped again right after I cleaned his stalls -_-) and took out a little of Gabe's peehole which was extremely smelly. Emptied the wheelbarrow and got picked up! I'll have to remember not to go to sleep late tonight.

I told Loki in the note not to bring in Miss T tomorrow. I have a dentist appointment and can only come to work around 2-3pm, so I know I won't really have time to ride. Plus, my butt got rubbed from riding bareback. o_0 This is the second time this has happened and it hurts. I think it's from her spine and maybe I should start riding with a saddle pad... -sigh- I wish she was more like a couch.

The saddle fixer lady didn't come and has to reschedule. So yeah... Awww. Loki was really dissapointed. I hope she'll come soon. I'm really looking forward to the parade this Sat. as well as the livestock auction. It'll be a day filled with horses! :)

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