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Filly213 08-13-2008 04:37 AM

Filly's journal!
hey all, i decided i'd start a journal when i started riding again, and since as i have gotten back in the saddle these last couple of weeks, i've started this journal...

well, a couple of weeks ago my mum and dad bought a horse for me! of course i was at school the day that they went to get him, and i had no idea... anyway he's a black/brown registered australian stock horse gelding, 6yrs old, 14.3 hh.

WELL our first ride together (as it always is for me, i get nervous), was far from perfect, but we seemed to get along and he didn't react too badly to being in a new place. since then we've been riding up the road, and i've just been riding around the arena. we're just starting to get to know each other, he has his little habits of rubbing against me (which i dont let him do), and he's constantly moving around when being tied up. but other than that, he's perfect!

i haven't been riding these last few days, mainly because of the foul weather we've had and i've recently taken up taw kwon do lol but we've just started subject selection for next years school year... man there's so much stress!! i have no idea what i want to be... *sigh* and that's only for year 10! i'll be a wreck in VCE lol!

but that's me for now, so bye!

Filly213 08-18-2008 06:17 PM

well what a weekend!

i went riding both days, i practically spent all afternoon in the saddle on sunday, me and my dad went riding up the road, down into camping grounds and along the river. it was so much fun we had to go through massive puddles, the occasional campers' dog would bark and try and chase us though...

the only mishap was when Ninja gave a bit of a buck when we were coming back along the road. i have no idea what he spooked at - if there was anything there, but i was totally unprepared and ended up losing a stirrup. thank goodness that was all that happened, i really didn't want to fall off!

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