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KShunterjumper 07-26-2012 06:00 PM

Will stringhalt effect jumping?
My parents just bought me a really expensive horse about a month ago and I'm currently showing him in hunters/eq. He's been perfect so far. My farrier came out to trim him for the first time and he noticed that he may have stringhalt.. Before I got him, we got a vet check and he passed and the vet didn't say anything about him having it. When I pick out his feet I notice that he will lift his back leg really high and it shakes. He's fine when I ride and jump him though and he doesn't show any signs of it under saddle. Will this effect his riding and jumping at all?

DraftXDressage 07-26-2012 09:07 PM

If he walks normally and you only notice anything when you are picking out his feet, he doesn't have stringhalt. It sounds to me like he's just defensive about having his feet handled and is pulling it up higher than is comfortable.

KShunterjumper 07-26-2012 09:22 PM

Sometimes he does it when I'm leading him or trying to load him in the trailer..

OutOfTheLoop 07-26-2012 09:30 PM

If he has strinhalt, the leg will most likely drag if you turn him sharp. Also, he will raise it in more of a jerking motion. I would check those things with the vet, and find out what is going on.
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