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xJumperx 07-26-2012 06:01 PM

~:Your Thoughts On A New Possible Saddle?:~
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Hello :)

I am not in the imediate market for a saddle, due to us needing a new AC, but we have been looking around. We are thinking of getting me one for Christmas!! So we went to the local tack shop a few days ago, to try some out and see what brand 'fit' me best. Cowboy is a medium tree, and can even go in a medium-wide or medium-narrow, but best in a reg. medium. So I was looking at those trees, and the way of fit. We were stricly looking around at this tack shop, becuase it is known to be a little pricey.

So, after trying out Collegiate, Stubben, and HDR, we decided that Collegiate looked/fit/felt the best by far :) The way the saddle is made just suits me. And I'm thinking it will fit Cowboy well. I found a certain type I liked too. It's below -
I just loved the feel and position of the Laureate. Now, I obviously can't afford a brand new saddle, so I was looking at used. The saddle at the tack store was around $650. Is this a good deal? Can I find cheaper? Where, and how?

Thank You :) Obviously, any nay-sayers please speak up!!

horseperson4 08-11-2012 09:18 PM

cheaper saddles
You can definitely find cheaper saddles by looking on google shopping. I really regret buying my HDR Revelle without going on google first because i spent like 1k on it!

Quixotic 08-17-2012 08:13 PM

I did a quick ebay search, & it looks like they have them available brand new for $608.95. I'm not sure what seat size you need, though.
COLLEGIATE Laureate | eBay

SorrelHorse 08-17-2012 08:20 PM

I hate new saddles...I won't buy new anymore. I hate breaking them in, though for me english was easier than western. I mean, it's not a bad saddle but if you can find a used one I would go with that...Cheaper and already broke in. That's just me though, a lot of people don't share my mindset. :lol:

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