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Roperchick 07-27-2012 05:03 PM

Thank God for good friends and mentors!
Some of yall may have heard me talking (well typing haha) about how i was recently "outta the blue" fired from my mission.
if not heres a little background

ive been on this mission for over 1 1/2 years. i have never once heard any negative comments about my work quality, work ethic. i have more than once been tasked to do extra work here because they said they "trusted me to get the job done."
well last week on our last day of set, i was pulled aside by my 1sgt and told that Senior (we are under the Navy command here) had told my 1sgt they were "unsatisfied with me". no clue why. nobody would elaborate on it. they had originally planned on having my old squad leader come back to my mission to "supervise me". i wasnt worried. because i know my job and i do it well.

but then i was completely removed from the mission and was placed in an admin job. im okay with it. i have normal day shift hours, i get weekends an holidays (OMG I ACTUALLY GET HOLIDAYS!) and i do this job well too.

but all the old people i worked with have alienated me. they dont speak to me outside at the smoke pit. they dont invite me to offset parties or activities...i dont get it.

but today i had a conversation that just made my day! i have an old mentor (airforce....sad that an airforce e-5 is more concerned for me than my own C.o.C.) come up to me asking what happened and saying thats not right and that he wants me to keep him updated on what i find out (because im looknig itno why i was kicked off my mission). i also volunteer at the rescue with this wife!

i cant even describe how good it makes me feel to realize that not everybody here is a brown noser or a back stabber...all the old people i worked with would toss u out in a heartbeat if it would get them something...they were the worst about talking behind peoples backs and it was just indescribable.

so knowing that there is somebody who was my mentor, and is my friend and wont just toss me out if it would benefit their career or their reputation, is greatly relieving.

the only other people who are as cut and dry honest as these few people are my horsey friends.

my riding friens back home, and yall here on HF are the only others that arent concerned about your standing with somebody. and dont jsut drop a friendship of 2+ years if itll get you something

so thanx yall! haha

***sorry for the rant just needed to get this out there******

Skyseternalangel 07-27-2012 09:27 PM

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Like I said before, it was very bizarre what happened.. :/ but everything happens for a reason. I'm glad you get holidays now :)

tinyliny 07-27-2012 10:11 PM

All I know , is that in this situation,be very , very careful about what you say, even to this other person because words have a way of circleing back around into the place you didnt' want them to land.

It's easier to add more, but hard to take away too much.

Roperchick 07-28-2012 12:38 AM

right sky? i definitely want to know whats going on

and your soo right tinyliny. i will be very careful about what i say to everybody. and will only tell my friend any common knowledge things.

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