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FutureVetGirl 08-13-2008 01:44 PM

Calories and Carbs... is this bad???
OK... so... I just joined a calorie counting website, and began to log in today's stuff. And I just realized this:

I had a small piece of cantaloupe for breakfast (24 calories, 1-2 grams of carbs)
And I had a tiny bit of tomato and cucumber salad. (by a tiny bit, I mean only a couple pieces of cucumber, and only a couple pieces of tomato... hey! It was old!) Which is around 20-50 calories, and trace amount of carbs.
And I had a ton of Pepsi Max and Coca Cola Zero. Which are both zero on the calories as well as the carbs.

And now it's almost dinner time, and I probably wont' be eating a whole lot then.

So... altogether, I probably digested around 5 carbs, and around 50-100 calories. And this morning, I went horseback riding, which means I'm down 300-400 calories, plus I watered the plants (not with a hose, but with a bucket), so... that means like... another 100 calories or something burned.

Is this bad? The day's not over... but this is my normal daily routine. I haven't been eating much since I started dieting at the beginning of the summer...

BrwnEyedGrl 08-13-2008 02:42 PM

Yeah I think its bad. In my opinion, you need to be eating at least what is reccomended. I don't know all the technical terms & the way exactly things go but if your not eating at least what your body needs to thrive on it will start eating away at the "good" fat reserves. Your body will go into over drive and using up energy & such that is needed to keep your bodies immuned system healthy and going. There is a "good" way to diet & eating WAY under your reccomended daily amount is not the answer. A lot of studies have stated that you should be eating small meals *such as you say you do now* MANY times a day. Like up to 5 or 6 times a day, instead of 3 BIG meals a day.

Again I am no specialiest but this is how I dropped over 20 lbs of much needed weight to be loss. I ate 5-6 times a day small meals at a time. I also just did daily activies and added a little extra walking/biking/hiking whatever I felt like doing that day.

I wish you the best in your weight lost but please find a better solution! I am sure there is someone on here that can point you in the same direction that I was trying to get at. Best Wishes. P.s. I'm sorry I'm not very good at putting things into words what needs to be said.

FutureVetGirl 08-13-2008 02:51 PM

I completely understand what you're saying. But this is me:

1. I'm losing weight (still doesn't mean I should starve myself)
2. I'm not hungry! I don't know why... but when I'm hungry, I eat. And then, it's small amounts (only until I'm full). But honestly... I'm not hungry at all...
3. I honestly don't want to eat just to eat. I'm not hungry for a whole bunch of stuff. I ate a good dinner (one serving of roast, a small (like... small) salad, and some green beans), but the rest of the day, I just don't tend to eat stuff...

I just don't want to FORCE myself to eat if I'm not hungry. I drink a ton of water as well as Pepsi (it's diet)...

But I don't get it... is there a REASON behind me not being hungry? If I get out a snack for me to eat... I just eat and eat and eat... but that's because I'm bored... not because I'm hungry. When I AM hungry, and I eat, I eat only a little... and I'm fine. I just don't get it... *glares at dumb stomach*

hotreddun 08-13-2008 03:47 PM

my non-dietician response would be...stop stuffing yourself with useless junk like sodas...just because they are pepsi "free" doesn't mean they are good for you...cutting that junk out of your diet will make a HUGE difference. Meanwhile...atleast get some good energy sources like dairy and protein. sorry sounds like you are starving yourself :? no offense just my opinion

FutureVetGirl 08-13-2008 04:01 PM

I'm not offended. But I'm really not starving myself... at least... not TRYING to. I'm just eating when I'm hungry. Until I'm no longer hungry. And for an odd reason, I'm not all that hungry.

I'll take your tips into CAREFUL consideration (and will probably follow most).

Except for the Pepsi... I'd go nuts over things like chocolate and other sweets if I didn't have my one thing... Pepsi... :roll:

I never realized how little I began eating until today... so how can I be "starving" myself if I had no idea I was eating so little?

Brandon 08-13-2008 04:15 PM

You need Carbohydrates for energy. You also need (i believe) 1200 callories a day which is also i believe for energe because your body needs somethin to burn. Alot of people starve themselves thinkin they will lose weight but infact they are just hurtin their body. The best way to lose weight is exercise and a healthy diet.

Also if you do work out, please make sure you are gettin enough protien in your diet. There are people out there that bust there gut everyday exercisin, but if you don't get enough protien then you are just wearin down your muscles (wear and tare (sp? yes bad i know)).

FutureVetGirl 08-13-2008 04:22 PM

Ok... protein... I'll have something with protein tomorrow morning (before heading to the stables to ride). What has protein in it? Eggs?

Vidaloco 08-13-2008 04:32 PM

Brandon is correct, if your body thinks it is starving it will start to conserve the fat and start burning muscle. So your not losing fat your losing muscle when you don't eat enought to sustain yourself. I'm not making this up, it is a fact.
Your eating to live, not living to eat. Your slowly killing yourself by not eating. I call it passive suicide your just using a knife and fork instead of a gun. Trust me, I've been doing it to myself for probably more years than you have been alive.
Your body needs a certain amount of calories made up of all the food groups to stay healthy. If nothing else eat a bowl of cereal that has most of the daily requirements in it. And eat the entire recommended serving (it should be on the box) then take a multivitamin/mineral supplement.

Vidaloco 08-13-2008 04:37 PM

right all meats eggs fish some lagumes (beans) and tofu are all protiens
Sorry for my rant :oops:

FutureVetGirl 08-13-2008 04:50 PM

haha... it's fine.

What I think is funny is a lot of people force themselves to not eat... I was just eating, or... not eating... and never thought about it... and it's not that I wanted it, or not want it... I just was going about my normal routine... and didn't realize how unhealthy it was...

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