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Island Horselover 07-29-2012 10:35 AM

Registration Documents
Hi there, ok so here is my story. Back in March 2012 I bought my Palomino from a girl that lives about an hour away from me. I went to have a look and brought the trailer just in case I would fall in love with the mare - well I did and brought her home that day. I paid the girl in cash and as she did not have any documents at the barn she said that she would send them to me. As I needed a receipt too, I offered to prepare a bill of sale, sign it in 2-fold and send it to her so she can counter sign it and send one version back to me so we both have an original! The horse was advertised as registered and she said she would provide me with the papers and send them back together with the signed bill of sale. Alright, it is almost August now and I NEVER got any of the papers. I calles, emailed and left messages. NADA! Is there anything I can do? Next time I sure ask for the papers right away. But I need advise what to do in that situation! Thanks for all your help!

Tazmanian Devil 07-30-2012 09:06 AM

You bought a horse, paid in cash and have no paperwork or bill of sale?

No need to go on about what is wrong with this picture. I think you realize that.

Not much you can do at this point. It is very possible that the seller is just lazy and hasn't sent the paperwork yet. Keep bugging them and hopefully your annoyance will win over their procrastination.

Another option may be to contact the breed registry. If you know the horse's information, you MAY be able to get replacement papers by claiming the originals are lost (which they technically are). Of course, this may also come back to the the old owner needing to sign something to confirm the sale.

You may also consider taking a ride back to see the person (unannounced). Bring a bill of sale for them to sign. I realize it is a long drive, but you don't have many options.

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