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CACattleman 07-29-2012 11:08 PM

Looking to start Bareback Bronc riding...
New to this site, nice to finally find some kind of online forum for rodeo events!

On to my questions...I'm trying to break into BB riding this year. I'm registered for a school in November that's being put on by a Champion BB rider; the school is free of charge, but you have to provide your own gear which kinda sucks, but that's the tradeoff vs. a paid school.

Anyways, I'm 22 and in great athletic shape, so I think I could handle the bumps and bruises of the sport, but I realize I'm kinda getting a late start; I live in a large city and never got the opportunity to grow up in rodeo or anything like that...all I do currently is cowboy for a couple ranches outside the city and other places. I also can rope, but don't have the financial means to get my own horse/trailer/tack/etc and all that goes with that, so this is my next interest that I don't think would break the bank. Here's what I'd like to know:

-Is BB riding an all-or-nothing kind of sport? I've got a normal 9-5 job during the week, and would be competing on weekends primarily. Is this something that most usually pursue as a full time thing, or can it be here-and-there like ropings?

-What are the common injuries like? Many in my family are opposed to this for obvious reasons, but I also ride dirtbikes, and hell, I figure I could get seriously injured on my bike, or just driving down the freeway on any given never know what could happen least that's my view on the injury risk.

-How and where do you guys practice? Seeing as I don't live near anyone who raises bucking stock, how would I be able practice aside from just entering rodeos and getting hard experience that way?

Thanks for any input/advice on this!

DancingArabian 07-29-2012 11:43 PM

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Have you actually DONE it? You may find you don't enjoy it as much as you like the idea of it.

As for the "all or nothing" thing, it depends how competitive you want to be. If you're trying to be very competitive, you're going to be able to travel to go to the rodeos.

Injuries can range from severed hands/fingers (because they got stuck), broken limbs, broken ribs, concussions, pretty much anything broken than can be broken, and of course death. Remember that a bucking bronc horse is not at that moment a sensible creature - he may trample you once you come off, or fall on you.

As for getting in practice, talk to your school and see if they can set you up with some good contacts. This is NOT the kind of activity you want any random person helping you with.

In short, wait until you try it before throwing in a lot of money into it.

CACattleman 07-30-2012 02:57 AM

Thanks for your advice. Are you at all involved in BB riding? Not trying to call you out or downplay your knowledge, but I'm trying to see if there are any active BB riders on some sort of circuit that could give me a firsthand account of all of this...

And for me, the closest school where they provide the equipment is a few states away, and with the cost of flight/motel/rental car/etc, it's the same price as getting some used gear together and going to the free school, so I might as well get the gear and go to taht one, and if I don't like it, I can always re-sell it.

Cacowgirl 07-30-2012 11:11 AM

Most of us here are trying to get our horses NOT to buck. Have you gone to a rodeo & talked to any of the contestants? That might be a good first step.

SlideStop 07-30-2012 01:34 PM

All I have to say is a dirt bike doesn't have a brain and self preservation instincts. You don't have any control when they let that animal loose. This animal (roughly 5 times your size) wants you OFF, and maybe dead. Whether it means rearing, bucking or flipping over. The bike doesn't care. On a bike YOU mess up, you get hurt. You can be doing everything right during a BB ride and still end up seriously injured. Comparing a dirt bike to a bucking horse is probably not an accurate danger comparison.
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Whisper22 07-30-2012 02:10 PM

My husband has a friend that's a BB bronc rider. We usually go to 2 or 3 rodeos a year and that's the only time we get to see him. I do know that he has another job, an electrician I believe, and still rides professionally. As for injuries, I'm sure he's had his share, but I'd much rather ride broncs than bulls. At least the horses tend to flee while bucking, instead of sticking around to mull or trample you.

PaintedFury 09-03-2012 01:44 PM

My best friend is a BB rider, I will not give you his number on this thread. But if you PM me, I will talk to him and see if he would talk to you about it. I can give numbers whatever way you two would prefer.
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boots 09-03-2012 09:23 PM

I am a former BB rider and have worked as a therapist at a few rodeos, also treating injured riders in the clinic.

Simple bruising is the most common injury. Guys tend to fall on their upper body. Women bronc riders tend to bruise their backsides. Just a matter of the difference in anatomy. They don't come see me. Viva la difference.

Torn bicep and brachioradialis tendons are sometimes seen, but are not as common as one may expect. Do a search, they are the primary elbow flexors.

Concussions are probably more common that torn tendons, but get less attention unless there is a loss of consciousness.

IMO, even women are better off riding single-handed due to balance during the sport. Even women can ride with a single hand rig well.

I wouldn't worry about quitting the day job and hitting the road yet. You'll know if you even approach that mark. Give it a shot and have fun. It's fun and if/when you do well there is nothing like it.

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