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mlouati1389 07-30-2012 01:02 AM

New Horse; Dixie
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this is my soon to be new girl. i just put a deposit down on her and will be paying in full and picking up on september 1st. :) she is a registered 15.2-3hh paint. "frosted fairy flakes" aka Dixie. very sweet horse. extremely lazy though... lol 100% different then my other mare.. bella is a gogogo never-stop kinda horse. so it'll be nice to have a horse i can relax on the trails with. not into showing or anything. shes just going to be my trail mare.

mlouati1389 07-30-2012 01:13 AM

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yess.. a couple pictures are severly downhill. shes got a hilly pasture. :) she is actually a very level horse.

omgpink 07-30-2012 01:15 AM

She is absolutely stunning and just love her 'eye-liner'

mlouati1389 07-30-2012 01:18 AM

thank you!! i fell in love the second i saw her. such a great horse.

omgpink 07-30-2012 01:23 AM

She looks like a great horse!
Can't wait to see more picture of her!

mlouati1389 07-30-2012 02:21 AM

Country Woman 07-30-2012 09:56 AM

very lovely horse. I love her colours

texasgal 07-30-2012 09:58 AM

I love her eyeliner! And tell that young man to keep his shirt on ... geeez ... make an old woman have heart palpitations... lol.

paintluver 07-30-2012 06:02 PM

I love her coloring!

Clayton Taffy 07-30-2012 06:08 PM


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