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Lynxlover 07-30-2012 01:06 PM

Best Looking Horse!
Post pictures of your beautiful horses. This is a contest and will end August 31. The rules are:

1. Photo has to have yourself in it or taken by yourself
2. Any type of horse is allowed, not subject to one specific breed
3. Photos submitted after August 31st will not be judged
4. The judging is judges choice and I will show the top ten(depending on entries)
5. Pictures have to fit in one of the categories


1. Face
2. Mane or Tail
3. Full Body
4. Markings
5. Eyes

1. Walk
2. Trot/Jog
3. Canter/Lope
4. Pace(for those of us who have gaited horses)

1. Rears
2. Bucks
3. Unknown

1. Jumping
2. Dressage
3. Reining
4. Barrel Racing
5. Anything else

1. Edited
2. Artistic

Cant wait to see you horses!

EmilyandJesse 07-30-2012 03:51 PM

Ashleysmardigrasgirl 07-30-2012 07:46 PM

Horses4Healing 07-30-2012 09:04 PM

Here are my entries for the contest!

Face: Tia

Tail: Tia
(I know the braid is bad but I love the picture and how it looks)

Full Body: Kitt

Markings: Kate
(Some people say the marking on her side looks like a witch riding a broomstick and some say some kind of bird)

Eye: Tia

Walk: Dreamer (and Me)

Trot: Ali (and Beth)

Canter: Zeus (and Beth)
(this OTTB was made to be a western pleasure horse!)

Bucks: Manny

Other: Annie
(not sure what she was doing but its funny)

Jumping: Tia

Anything else: Annie (and Me)
(Annie and I on a trail ride in Vacaville, CA)

Edit: Tia (and Me)

sommsama09 07-30-2012 09:05 PM

2 Attachment(s)
1. Face
(picture not taken by me, but I am buying this horse :D)

3. Full Body

1. Edited

Lynxlover 07-31-2012 12:31 AM

Beautiful horses everyone!

soenjer55 07-31-2012 02:08 AM

10 Attachment(s)
All of these were taking right after a 5 o'clock monsoon with a short lens, so please excuse the lack of long-distance quality and the darkness. :lol:
First (Face): Belle and Sonoita- Sonoita is Belle's dam, I thought it was cute.
Second (Face): Geronimo wants to know what the heck I'm doing carrying something other than food.
Third (Faces): The two biggest snots share a kiss.
Fourth (Artistic): Sonoita's nose, up close.
Fifth (Artistic): Gerri's nose, up close because of him, not me (gotta make sure I reeeally have no food, y'know?)
Sixth (Artistic): Molly, the old mare.
Seventh (Artistic): The neighbor kid decided to put her feet on the horse's back while she was standing there.
Eighth (Full-body): The two biggest snots and Sonoita's snotty mini-me jumping around. Blurry because of the short lens. :oops:
Ninth (Full-body): Geronimo realizes all the other horses are... wait... standing over there. What kind of (wanna-be) stallion runs off without his herd? You're slacking, buddy...
Tenth (Gait?): Molly the old girl goes flat-out to keep up with the younger ones.

I have a billion and two more pictures, it almost killed me to have to only pick a few (a few as in, as many as I was allowed to have) Lol.

soenjer55 07-31-2012 02:14 AM

3 Attachment(s)
And just for giggles...:D Not really sure if these can go in a category anyway, as the whole idea is that all three of them go together- they're not that great by themselves.

Also, none of these pictures are edited yet, either... Gotta get to that soon, but I mean I only took about 5000. Me, cool weather, a camera, and my ponies don't mix well. Not at all... Lol.

Tux 08-02-2012 10:29 AM

BarrelBunny 08-02-2012 05:14 PM

9 Attachment(s)
1. Face: "Can I pleeeease have another cookie??"
Attachment 108679

2. Full Body: Ground tied! Ha ha!! (evil laugh)
Attachment 108680

3. Eyes: My pretty boy.
Attachment 108681

1. Jumping/Bareback: Annie and I :-)
Attachment 108682

2. Barrel Racing: My boy and I again... :-)
Attachment 108683

3. Barrel Racing: If we can't enter more than one, then please use the first one.
Attachment 108685

1. Edited
Attachment 108686

2. Edited: Again, if we can't enter more than one, then please use this one.
Attachment 108687

3. Artistic: Believe it or not, this was taken by my phone :shock:
Attachment 108688

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